Is 2017 Honda Clarity Hydrogen-Powered Car the Future of Green Motoring? [Review]

2017 honda clarity fuel cell car

The 2017 Honda Clarity is an electric car with a significant twist. Instead of having to be plugged into the electric grid to recharge a large battery, the 2017 Honda Clarity uses a hydrogen fuel cell to charge both a 1.7-kilowatt battery and power the front wheels.

This means that it takes the 2017 Honda Clarity about 3-5 minutes to fill up instead of hours to recharge. Better yet, since the fuel cell combines hydrogen and oxygen to form H2O, the only emission that comes out of the Clarity’s tailpipe is water.

2017 honda clarity fuel cell car

What could be cleaner and less polluting? There’s a catch of course. The hydrogen used to power the 2017 Honda Clarity is made through processes that create unwanted carbon. I found this out when I recently drove and reviewed Honda’s newest and most green car. Check out the video review below.

2017 honda clarity fuel cell car

In this special TFLcar sneak peek video review I can’t talk about driving impressions but I get the skinny on everything else that makes the 2017 Honda Clarity the most technically advanced car ever produced by Honda.

If you are like myself – and you love new and advanced technology – you’ll like the new hydrogen-powered Clarity. How can you not love a technology that NASA uses to power spacecraft? It is incredible and unfortunately not attainable for most of us. In fact, no one can buy the Clarity. Honda is only leasing the 2017 Honda Clarity in California through 12 Honda dealerships. The lease is $369.00 per month for three years and there’s already a wait at least 100 people deep.

2017 honda clarity fuel cell car


Perhaps because Honda will give you a $15,000 debit card to go along with the car to buy the very expensive hydrogen you’ll need to power your car of the future.

Check out my sneak peek video below for many more interesting details about the 2017 Honda Clarity or click HERE to watch how to fuel-up this hydrogen car.

Please let me know in the comments below if you think that hydrogen is the fuel of the future for new cars. Is it the future of green motoring or is it just an evolutionary dead end?