Is the Mercedes-AMG GT Geneva Concept an ‘EQ Power’ Performance Hybrid?

mercedes amg hybrid electric concept 2017 geneva show
Mercedes-AMG GT four-door Geneva Concept headlight

Mercedes is getting ready to officially unveil the AMG GT four-door concept at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show this week. The initial teaser images peg the car as a gorgeous show-stopper, but what lurks under the hood?

Mercedes-AMG releases a short teaser video that shows a brief “EQ Power” badge on the car’s side camera. EQ is a new term in Mercedes-Benz lexicon that stands for electric (EV) vehicles. The AMG division appears to have expanded the term to “EQ Power”. This is just a guess at this point, but this label could point to a high-performance gasoline/electric hybrid system that AMG is looking to employ for ever greater road performance. The concept does appear to have a single/center exhaust pipe (see closeup below).

2018 geneva mercedes amg gt concept sedan

This is an exciting revelation indeed. In any case, it’s electrifying!  Pun is intended.

EQ Power label

AMG has stood for high performance Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the last 50 years. AMG was an independent group of engineers at first, then it was brought in-house within Mercedes-Benz, and now it is its own Mercedes-AMG brand and division. Building electrified performance vehicles for the street is something new for this team, but one cannot ignore the highly successful Mercedes Formula 1 racing program. The latest F1 cars employ a gas/electric power system. Why can’t something similar be used in road-going AMG cars?

We will find out more details within the next couple of days!