• 2017 Honda Civic SI and Honda Civic Type R Overview

    Two of the most anticipated small cars to enter our market are the 2017 Honda Civic SI and the Honda Civic Type R. Both of these vehicles, along with the whole Honda Civic line were on display at the 2017 New York Auto Show. Considering the success of other hot hatchbacks like the Ford Focus ST and RS along with new offerings from Hyundai, Volkswagen and Mini (to name a few), this is an important segment for Honda.

    Davis Adams, West Coast PR Manager for American Honda Motor Company was kind enough to take Andre through the details of 2017 Honda Civic SI and the Honda Civic Type R, along with the rest of the Civics available. It was interesting to see the differences side-by-side between all of the Civic line.

    The Honda Civic SI coupe on display produces 205 horsepower and 195 lbs-feet of torque. It has a limited slip differential and it comes standard with a 6-speed manual (short-shift) transmission. The Civic Type R produces 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Currently, that represents the most powerful compact front-drive production vehicle sold in North America.

    The 2017 Honda Civic SI and the Honda Civic Type R go on sale soon. The Civic SI goes on sale in May 2017 and the 2017 Honda Civic Type R goes on sale in June. Expect mid $20,000 for the SI and mid $30,000 for the Type R.

    Here’s TFLcar’s Honda Civic coverage right from the floor of the 2017 New York Auto Show!

    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
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    19 thoughts on “2017 Honda Civic SI and Honda Civic Type R Overview

      1. Agreed. Brandon has also claimed in a previous post to be a teacher but I find that very hard to believe. Certainly hope it isn’t true it is a terrifying thought.

    1. Well unfortunately I believe him as he has his in his garage he would have no reason to lie I still hate the ugly pos but it does sound very nice me personally I wouldn’t pay 30 or 40 grand that car id get a Sti or last gen Evo just me though

    2. Your buddy didn’t pay 40k for it. I just put my deposit down for one two weeks ago and my salesman told me that “Honda” has specifically told dealers that they cannot mark up the price for the type r. He was a longtime sales manager at Ford and said he was shocked hat Honda wouldn’t mark it up. Mid 30s is the price and every dealership has no idea which color they’re getting. Also, only 3000 is being made.

    3. He has his give me your email I’ll send a pic but don’t patronize me also he said he paid over 40 grand did you get that 40 grand obliviously it’s not 40 dollars

    4. I say again the type R is very bad looking and it looks like Honda is shopping at autozone or eBay for accessories now my neighbor took dilvery of his last month in black I believe he paid over 40 for his due to mark up . Now the si looks like a last gen ex nothing special no extra hp now if you look at dyno charts on the web honda states 205hp when dynoed its actaully 132hp 115tq my point it is slow also it nolonger uses vtec so their you go. I was hoping to bye a new si but what ever I guess

      1. Interested where you got the Dyno numbers from?
        Honda rates their turbo Civics at estimated wheel horse power now, so the power loss should be less than 5%.

    5. I guess the Type R makes sense, but why bother with the SI, especially when they have so many Civics already available?

      So in the ‘small/sporty’ area, they’ll now offer the normal civic, the civic coupe, the accord coupe – which, if had with the V6, produces 275hp (almost makes the Type R seem like a waste), the crz, the SI, AND the Type R…

      1. Because you need to cater to every crowd. Not everyone can afford to buy a Type R or a Accord V6 2dr. I can tell you the Accord V6 by no means matches the Type R, both in terms of handling and power. The SI on the other hand is exclusively for enthusiasts who don’t want something crazy as the R.

    6. The type r looks disgusting like an eBay or autozone car lol the si looks like the last gen ex civic and power hasn’t changed wow Honda way (not) go

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