• Is this the 2018 Chinese Ford Taurus Spotted in the Wild?

    As you may be aware, we tend to see quite a large number of prototype vehicles driving around and doing testing at altitude here in the Rocky Mountains. However, we are not the only people who see test vehicles. In many cases, it is actually our viewers and readers who send in spy shots that they have taken from their regions of the globe. Today, we have received some very interesting images from Mike. Mike says that these pictures were taken near the Detroit Metropolitan area. The vehicle Mike spotted? This appears to be the new 2018 Chinese Ford Taurus.

    As the badges should suggest, this appears to be the new 2018 Ford Taurus. However, there is certainly something interesting about this Taurus which we don’t tend to see on most of the spy photos we receive. That is the foreign lettering seen on the bottom-right side of the trunk lid. I am not an expert, but it looks to me like Chinese. What does this lettering mean? I certainly have no clue, as I don’t speak Chinese. However, I have been to China and while I was there I noticed that almost all of the cars in China have a similar badge layout on the back of the vehicle. Usually, there is the Manufacturer logo, the model name of the vehicle, and one more badge. In China, it was explained to me by a tour guide that this badge reveals the plant in which this particular car was built. However, that is second hand knowledge at best and should not be taken too seriously.

    If there is anyone who can read whatever language that is and translate, I would be very curious to see if my theory is correct. It appears that Ford does still run an engine plant in China, as well as a vehicle production plant in Taiwan. So, it is possible that this is a prototype that happened to be built in one of these places. Please drop us a comment if you have any guesses as to what this badge could mean.

    Regardless, huge thanks to Mike for sending in these pictures. Please be sure to stay tuned to TFLcar.com for more news regarding the 2018 Ford Taurus, and of course all of your other automotive news information.

    While you wait for more information on the 2018 Ford Taurus, why not check out our video about this unique version of the Taurus’ sibling, the Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan:

    Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis
    Michael has always had a passion for things with four wheels and an engine. His parents often joked that his first word was "Porsche." He currently spends his time as a Communications student at CU Boulder and writes for TFL as an intern trying to learn the ways of the automotive journalist. In his spare time, he attends all the local Cars and Coffee events he can possibly make time for.

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    20 thoughts on “Is this the 2018 Chinese Ford Taurus Spotted in the Wild?

    1. No thank you. All my cars and truck I owned are made in USA or Canada. I even avoid has often I can purchasing products made in Mexico. But for cars and trucks made in North America, We need has a society and collectivity, buy America. But, even if you are a sell out and believe we should go full globalization and no matter what it does to our country, well I respect your right to choose. Freedom of choice is accepting stuff and opinion that you even disagree with.

    2. It says, “This is WAY better than flying on United!” But to Roberto M., this “Chinese Taurus” is specific to the Chinese market and will likely be built in the pacific rim. It’s not even confirmed that the Taurus will even continue in the States.

    3. The Chinese logo is “Chang An Ford” in Chinese letters reading from left to right. First to letters from the left is Chang An, the next two letter is Ford. There is no way Chinese could write “Ford” in Chinese letters, it simply mimics the word “ford” phonetically.

      1. Upon a brief google search this does appear to be a large co-owned plant in China. In fact, this particular plant is the largest volume producer of Ford vehicles outside of Detroit. Now that I recall further, the tour guide who explained this to me did mention something about the specific plants being a co-ownership between the brand and the specific manufacturer, almost like a licensing agreement. Thanks for the Translation Seha!

    4. That style ford taurus looks like a old 2006 taurus body style.stay with the American version. Way better style

    5. My problem is one it’s built in China two it’s a ford 3 it looks like the fusion which looks like the Aston Martin they ripped off 4 it’s a ford lol me personally gm all day which is weird cause as a kid I loved ford then grew up and realized their worse then kias lol

    6. To be clear ford has made some good vehicles recently ford freestyle awd crossover ,Ford Edge awd ,99 cobra R, first gen raptor , to name a few but I think they’ve currently been nutered by cafe standards and the tree huggen Prius owners just me though

      1. Mike explain what seems to be a racist comment on a respectful blog sir also if that was directed at me I only buy gm never owned foreign however 90 percent of all cars are made or parts come from over seas or Mexico including the majority of fords and Chrysler to be correct

    7. As long as Ford keeps using the ticking time bomb Duratec engine I can”t get behind them anymore. Loved Ford, but a water pump inside the engine housing was ignorant.

    8. Lol wow my wife Has a 06 ford freestlye with the duratec is this what I have to look forward to lol we have had zero issues thus far but that does qualify as ignorant to put a water pump in such a way. but just as bad BMW water pumps are plastic lol

    9. Rob, is the Duratec the 3.5 V6? If so, I’m happy to report the 3.5 in my 2010 Fusion Sport AWD has over 165,000 miles and is still running incredibly smoothly, quietly and powerfully, and has never needed anything except a coil packing the #4 cylinder, replaced under warranty. It doesn’t even burn oil.

    10. Either redesign the current Taurus or put it out to pasture. Why should China get a new one, but not the U.S.?

      Ford should also drop the goofy “Interceptor Sedan” name and call their police sedan a “Taurus Police Interceptor.”

      They should also do the same with the “Interceptor SUV” by calling it an “Explorer Interceptor” as well. Whoever thought up of these names is a flaming imbecile.

    11. Again sadly Ford’s better products don’t come from the US. They want the US to buy the more profitable SUV/trucks. If they had only brought the Aussie RWD Falcon to the US perhaps renamed it Galaxie and yes Lincoln Continental.

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