• Will Dodge Bring Back the SRT4? [Ask Nathan]

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    In this week’s Ask Nathan:

      • What about a future SRT4?
      • Which is more significant, Toyota or Nissan?
      • What Off-road package would you get?

    This first question comes from a reader who wants to see a new SRT4 come to the market.

    Q: I always write in about the same thing and have yet to get an answer, but here goes.

    I want to know when dodge will bring out another srt4 as I think the dart was a lost opportunity. the dart looks sporty or even Chevy bring out a cobalt ss replacement. I ask these questions because I’m not paying 48 grand for a focus rs and don’t want the focus st, I just don’t trust fords, period.


    A: Hi Brandon,

    Sorry to say there is very little information about any new SRT4 vehicles. The Dodge Neon SRT4 was a beefy little thing and it was an ambitious project. Unfortunately, its replacement the Dodge Caliber SRT4 was poorly executed, poorly received and it hurt the SRT4 name.

    I’m not sure if that’s what scared FCA away from building another SRT4 vehicle or not. I agree with you that the Dodge Dart was a missed opportunity. I’ve always felt that the platform was capable of handling so much more. Once again, poor planning and a lack of sales killed off the Dodge Dart before they could even think about selling an SRT4 version.

    If you look around the FCA fleet of vehicles, the SRT name is rarely used. Fortunately, it hasn’t disappeared altogether, just look at the SRT Durango coming soon!

    As for Chevrolet producing a Chevrolet Cobalt SS replacement, I doubt they would see a business case for production. Sorry.


    This next question comes from a viewer who’s wondering which off-road package is best.

    Q: Nathan and the guys, what company do yo u think is more significant?

    It’s Nissan vs Toyota for me. I know that Toyota is much bigger than Nissan, and I know that Nissan’s quality doesn’t worry Toyota. But I’m thinking about cars that were important in the United States. If you think about it, Nissan has an amazing history right? The GTR and Nismo Z are killer cars.

    Toyota doesn;t have the need for speed that Nissan has in my book.

    So what do you think Nathan, is it Nissan or Toyota?


    A: Howdy Mitt.

    It seems like you already have your mind made up as to who’s best. I’m inclined to agree with some of your assessment, but there’s more to it than a few sports cars on Nissan’s side. Both companies have made incredible cars and trucks. In many ways, they fight toe-to-toe.

    The Toyota Supra was an amazing car with one hell of a history. Yes, the 2001 A80 was one of the best Supras of its time. Hopefully we’ll see a replacement one day soon. Yes, the Nissan Z brand has a fantastic history too. Still, you weren’t asking me about a few cars, you were asking about automaker vs autonmakr.

    Obviously, Toyota has proven to be one of the most popular worldwide. Why is that? QDR, (Quality, Durability and Reliability)… Yep, they build pretty good cars and they have an excellent reputation.

    I’m not saying that Nissan has a bad reputation, but I am saying that Nissan would love to have a reputation that Toyota has.

    Personally speaking, I agree with the accolades. I’ve owned Toyota products and they have proven to be pretty good. Now I own a Nissan product and I am very happy. It’s not so black-and-white for me, from a personal perspective.

    Still, if you’re referring to (just) sports-cars, then – yes – I agree; Nissan has established themselves as a performance-car juggernaut in the USA.



    The last question comes from a fan who wants my opinion on off-road packages.


    Q: Given the extra cost and what you get for it, which off-road trim do you like most:?

    PRO-4X; TRD Pro; FX4; Z71/All-Terrain; or that silly thing Ram calls a “4X4 Off-Road Package?”


    P.S. I know the actual answer is Rubicon Hard Rock, but Jeep doesn’t make a pickup truck (for now).

    A: Howdy!

    I like the (Toyota) TRD Pro and (Nissan) Pro-4X packages quite a bit. I feel that Toyota’s Tacoma with the TRD Pro package needs beefier tires. The Nissan Pro-4X package is pretty comprehensive too; however, I think both packages are a tad pricy. Also, the TRD Pro in the Tundra needs a locking rear differential.

    The other packages are okay, but they are overshadowed by much better off road packages in their own lineup.

    Have a good one!


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    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
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    14 thoughts on “Will Dodge Bring Back the SRT4? [Ask Nathan]

    1. Best automaker between Nissan and Toyota? It’s MAZDA! And that whole thing about the SRT4? It would be hard to do and why bother when you have Abarth?

      1. Brick b your an idiot seriously 245hp 285tq neon srt4 can’t be compared to the 170hp fiat abarth no matter how you feel about the car the achievements it has racked up scca championships and rally championships. 245hp 285tq 0-60 5.2 and top speed of 155 mph and currently an average price of 4-grand on Craigslist the fastest cheapest cars on Craigslist period end of story. scca multiple championships also shares most parts with the Evo so if you hate the srt4 ironically you hate the Evo we all know the Evo is a great car

        1. I’M the idiot!? Just reread your answer and you sound 12! FCA ( that’s Fiat Chrysler Automobile for the challenged, like you) has already announced that they will not invest in any performance brand that does not profit. So what did you think? Did you think that your piece of crap Dodge Neon was so special it would be reproduced? It’s garbage, and so are you.

    2. Personally, I consider TRD Pro to be a ‘line’ of vehicles, not an off road package. I view Toyota’s TRD Off Road package to be the direct competitor to the FX4, Z71, Pro-4X, etc, packages – whereas TRD Pro is a very specific variant/line of vehicles available solely as a vehicle, not a package that can be slapped on to other offerings.

    3. SRT4 version of the Dart? Would have been easy. Since the Dart was a platform mate of the Giulietta and she is available with the same 1750 turbo that is in the 4C, it would have been not too difficult to offer this engine in the Dart.

      1. I’ve seen plenty of TV spots for the Giuletta this month. So there’s your SRT4. Just not quite the way you were asking. At a base price of $38,990; it seems that Alpha wasn’t willing to strip down the car to compete with the Focus ST or Toyota 86.

      2. Sadly, it seems that Fiat isn’t treating Chrysler much better than Diamler Benz. The safe place for FCA right now is in RAM and Jeep. Shoot, even Mazda is finding the sedan market crowded and moving into the upscale SUV & CUV space. The Mazda 3 we fell in love with has lost it’s spotlight to the CX5. I wonder if Nathan thinks Alpha, FCA, and Mazda are targeting Buick and Lincoln?

    4. Jay h I agree fiat could care less about dodge clearly .it’s sad cause you look at fast fours like srt4 eclipse gsx and gst integra type R and gsr the 99 civic si Sentra spec v celica gts they were all high winding big hp four cylinders that got great gas milage but they were all ditched for God knows what reasons and we’re now stuck with the juke the cube the soul cvt’s and Prius the point four bangers are no longer fun it’s sad. You can no longer have your cake and eat it to

        1. No I got a loaded sonic LT sedan .I’m a teacher and thought that the rs might seem to juvenile the price was essentially the same though but yes I love it sir

    5. Please don’t tell us you’re teaching English?

      With the exception of the Hondas, all those 90s cars were shit. Especially the DSM and Chrysler products. Crankwalk was a common meme 15+ years ago! Problem with the Hondas was that you had to really work them hard. I bought a (then-new) 99 Civic Si and traded for a 2004 3.2TL Type-S. Both were great, but the Acura was a much better all-around driver.

      1. Well jack a$$ I don’t teach English though you Texas hillbillies probably can’t read but all the dsm’s were better typically then Hondas they provided awd and turbo and affordability I owned a 93 b17 gs-r loved it but always wish I had eagle talon awd turbo or SVT focus and texn this is all in fun

    6. My first used car was a 91 Integra GS. I would have loved to find a GS-R.

      Sounds like you don’t know much about Texas, either. Even better than that, I live in Idaho now. Life is good.

    7. Your right I don’t know anything about Texas don’t want to .i drove threw it once that was bad enough. but I loved my gs-r it was amazing ,it is what got me to get an srt4 the sound of vtec is like a turbo it’s addictive. glad to know you had an integra gs b18 their fun cars gas milage was great to for the power and texn were jus haven fun here love tfl forums lol

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