• Report: Newly Repaired 2015 VW TDI Models Are On Sale, But VW is Not Advertising the Discounts

    2014 volkswagen jetta tdi vw review

    A recent report from CarsDirect provides insight into unadvertised discounts of up to $8,500 for 2015 VW TDI models that were involved in the emissions cheating scandal. Volkswagen got permission in January 2017 to repair affected vehicles with an Engine Control Module (ECM) re-flash. According to the report, the repaired vehicles are now going on sale with the following financing and leasing discounts. Volkswagen is not advertising TDI models or 2015 TDI discounts on its consumer website. According to the report, VW is relying on the dealership to promote and set the discounts accordingly.

    Consumers can qualify for 0% APR for up to 72 months with an additional $5,000 discount. Customers looking to lease a Passat TDI are eligible for a $8,500 discount. Currently, there are no cash purchase discounts. The report says the 2015 TDI sales offer is running April 14th – May 31st, 2017.

    If you are looking to lease or finance a “new” 2015 VW TDI vehicle, it would be wise to do some research and call several dealerships in advance. Discounts and pricing may vary from one dealer to the next depending on many factors: inventory, popularity of TDI models, and more.

    The affected models include: VW Jetta, SportWagen, Golf, Passat, Beetle Coupe, and Beetle Convertible.

    Let us know your thoughts on the 2015 VW TDI diesel model going on sale. Let us know what discounts you are seeing in your area.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    24 thoughts on “Report: Newly Repaired 2015 VW TDI Models Are On Sale, But VW is Not Advertising the Discounts

    1. Hurry, while supplies last! Let’s all team up to pay off this company’s lawsuit for willful, unethical business practices. Editors, please keep praising their vehicles so people forget their immorality towards the consumer and the environment. No thanks VW, go screw over someone else with these 3 year old vehicles.

      1. Yes those dirty smelly TDI’s are no good. Everyone should go buy a big American diesel truck to drive around town instead. Come on, this was a no win for VW. 25% of its sales were diesel cars and the EPA made it impossible to certify them. I don’t agree with the cheating but they were between a rock and a hard place. How do those big diesel trucks that almost nobody uses as a work truck get certified when VW couldn’t get the cars certified. I will probably buy the ‘new’ TDI. Its a great car (and no, I do not work for VW).

        1. Sorry No. No pity for VW. If they can ‘fix’ them they could have sold them co.pliant in the first place. Can meeting compliance standards ‘neuter’ a popular car? Sure. EPA compliance is driving a glut of vehicles with dull performance on to the market. So what? Brilliant people will eventually find a solution to meet regulations with performance, soul, and QRD. The fact that any manufacturer would cheat and lie to capture market share and profit while others were meeting that standard. That they would get ahead while others were working on a creative solution in good faith is reprehensible. Bottom line clean air, land and water are more important than profits. If you think that the regulations are incongruent, fine, unite and work to change them. In the mean time, just be honest.

    2. Agreed about the trucks…I don’t like seeing them either. So basically, if the government makes it hard to come into compliance that is justification to become unethical and rip off the consumer….just trying to understand your counterpoint. How much money did they make last year, the year before….methinks greed is the motivator here.

      1. The problem with your reasoning is that they did not (in any real way) “rip off” the consumer. They are taking the heat for dodging an absurd fatwa from the rulers on behalf of the consumer. Look around at the used cars available: You can find VW TDI with 300K+ miles on them running great and still getting 45+MPG…all day long. What VW did was provide a superior product.

    3. The HUGE difference between VW and others is that the others comply with EPA regulations and VW’s do not….. VW went out of their way to mislead and defraud the public and EPA.

    4. Just read that VW was sentenced to Conspiracy and Fraud with a fine of $4.2 Billion. “Conspiracy and Fraud” what a good slogan for VW. Those editors that praise and people who drive them are just enabling the behavior. Would you hire a contractor, go to a doctor or have someone do your taxes with the same record?

    5. The only ‘difference’ between VW and others is the fact they got caught. Yeah, it’s crappy to cheat emissions testing, big deal. Are we also boycotting Fiat Chrysler (Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, etc)? Are we boycotting every manufacturer who knowingly sold us defective Takata air bags (Toyota, Honda, BMW, Nissan, FORD, etc)?

      Point being, its business. Not just business, but billion-dollar, business. It’s naive to think such acts of ‘deception’ aren’t regular occurrences.

      I’m not defending VW, just playing devil’s advocate – especially when you take a step back off your high horse and realize VW’s ‘scandal’ really only impacted those who enforce rules and regulations (EPA), and didn’t put our lives in danger every time we got in the drivers (or passengers) seat like those other brands did. Just sayin…

    6. I can tell you Dick Hannah’s Sales Manager’s approach. Ricky Ballantyne starts from MSRP on the window sticker then adds $5000 to the base price as mark up because he says the TDI Dieselgate models are hot items, then he rebates back the $5000 VWoA $. What a SCAM. I really hope he is left holding his “magical unicorn” cars when the VWoA rebate $ ends.

    7. Selfishly.. I bought one of these 2015 Golf Sportwagens. I got an SEL for less then a bought by 2012 Sportswagen TDI SE for 5 years ago. It is a great driving car, quite, smooth, efficient, and fun to drive. Love the huge sunroof and low diesel bills. My dealer gave me a killer price on a 100k warranty too, so feeling pretty happy about my purchase.

      I have been in and of VW’s for 35 years and won’t let one set a crocked leaders (that are all gone and being charged with crimes) change my mind about my long term love affair with VW and Porsche.

    8. Who cares let em cheat all the manufactures are doin it they just got caught oh wait Chrysler did to .diesel over hybrid any day also at the end of the day we the consumers and tax payers are the ones hurt. (Screw cafe standards)

    9. I am about to trade my 2010 TDI in for a 2015 TDI recall/newly released wagon. It has 140 miles on it. With my trade in, $14.8k & 5k from VW the “list” price is 27k for this “new” recall. I LOVE my 2010 TDI and this sounds like a good deal with a no iterest loan thru VW and car payments of 148$ for 6 years. They have “fixed” the first part of two steps, the computer part then I would have to wait up to 8 months for the converter/ filter? That is covered with the purchase price. Having been put in this position, plus anxiety about making the right “choice” I don’t want to be left with “low performance” and having to change a filter in the future that, from my research will cost me up to $2,500.00 so I am still not sure if I am doing the right thing! Sucks!

    10. AND….
      I just looked up the original asking price for the 2015 S and it has a starting price of 16k brand new. SO at this time I believe it has been “doctored” by the dealership!! By having the 5k VW nicey nice rebated ADDED TO THERE STICKER PRICE! AGH ! I thought 27k was HIGH!!! There is NO WAY this car NEW was 27k for this basic no thrill model!!!!! AND NO HEATED SEATS! AND when the sales man told me the price over the phone he said ” 22k” and did mention the 5k added rebate, but NEVER mentioned it hanot only did he get me in there today, and led me to believe that the 5k rebate came off the 22k price he quoted me ,BUT COME TO FIND OUT THEY ADDED the rebate to the cars total price!!!! SO ANNOYING!!!!! So tomorrow I will go back and bicker about and maybe just walk away form this too good to be true deal!!! Thanks for the above post Bruce!!

      1. Michele
        The 2015 S TDI had an MSRP of $23900…the basic gas model is around $17000. The 2.0 tdi and dsg tranny alone are an extra $5000..
        The $27000 MSRP is for a SE…
        I’m about to trade in my second TDI and I got a 2015 SE for $6322 off the $26989 MSRP….

    11. My daughter drives an ’07 Convertible Bug and is looking for a Classic Bug to keep her payments below $300.00 / month. We went to our local dealership and they have a loaded Yellow Convertible TDI that lists for $33,600.00. I read the CarsDirect article where I thought they said that they could give up to 8k off. They offered her 5k off; which I don’t think is enough for a car that will almost be 3 years old when she drove it off the lot. I think she’s gonna take tbe Classic for $16,000.00 and call it a day.

    12. To everyone don’t let these so called scandles stop you from purchasing a great vehicle people can talk but bottom line is this is a good deal for buyers , me personally I buy GM but congrats to all the vw supporters and car enthusiast keep vw alive keep diesels alive God bless all.

    13. I just got a 2015 TDI Jetta and I couldn’t be happier. The i’m getting 45 miles per gallon easily. Got 5k off msrp, and qualified for zero percent for 72 months. Boom! Tint, new wheels and tires coming in less than 10 days.

      1. Can you tell us how much so i can sort of compare to my area. I am searching got jetta or passat. Thanks in advanced

    14. Additionally I’ve owned 5 Fords and I’m 34. 89 Bronco, new 98 ZX2 , new 08 mustang Gt, new and my current sports car 2013 mustang gt. So this deal got me to get a daily driver to not put miles on the stang to work and trips. Mustang I’m lucky to get 19 mpg with 20 in super snake wheels and 373 gears among other mods. The manual transmissions went off the lots within the first day or two and now the automatics are almost all purchased, if you are interested don’t wait.

    15. That’s awesome keep vw alive much respect to the readers who understand that the cafe standards only apply to manufactures who the gov knows they can exploit they knew vw could pay the money. if Chrysler could pay they money they wouldn’t be owned by fiat a third rate manufacturer.

    16. Yes, VW screwed the pooch, finally came up with a fix and a buyback that was approved. I moved out of my sweet 2012 Passat TDI with 110K miles to a 2015 Passat SEL TDI last week, All considered, cost $9000. Forgive and forget and enjoy my new ride!

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