• Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Ram Power Wagon: Pavement vs. Dirt [Video]

    The Hellcat vs. Power Wagon grudge match to determine King of the Rockies.

    Roman pilots the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat the long way up the Rocky Mountains on pavement. Nathan steers the Ram Power Wagon and via dirt on Gold Mine Hill.

    THE CHALLENGERS 2016 Dodge
    Challenger SRT Hellcat
    2017 Ram
    Power Wagon
    Engine Supercharged 6.2-liter V8
    707 hp; 650 lb-ft. torque
    6.4-liter HEMI V8
    410 hp; 429 lb-ft. torque
    Transmission/Drive 8-speed auto.
    rear-wheel drive
    6-speed auto.
    Curb weight 4,476 lbs. 6,996 lbs.
    MSRP $65,490 $52,690
    Secret Sauce Um, did you see its 707 hp? Can crawl up and over almost anything.

    Who will win? Watch and find out as TFLcar takes you behind the scenes to show you what goes into producing a signature TFLcar Mash Up.

    Grant Davis
    Grant Davis
    Grant Davis is the Marketing Manager for TFLcar. Since 2006, he's found himself in the driver's seat of a more than 200 cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and the occasional watercraft as a longtime writer for Outside Magazine/Outside online and other adventure-oriented media. He's based in Denver and has a love/hate relationship with his 11-year-old minivan.

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    6 thoughts on “Dodge Challenger Hellcat Races Ram Power Wagon: Pavement vs. Dirt [Video]

    1. First off the majority of raptor owners live from Texas and in the south to California we don’t have fn Mooses we have glamis which by the way the ram wouldn’t make it their in the soft sands of glamis but the raptor would and I see them their all the time both good trucks raptor is for hard off road and ram is for light off-road the tests show that

      1. Better Raptor????? Not a chance!
        Yes the Raptor is quicker but the cost of speed turned a truck into a stationwagon. Too much capability is lost for the sake of speed which you will almost never use. The PowerWagon on the other hand has everything you need and will use off road. Hunting fishing no problem. Put a moose in the bed no problem. Tow a boat camper or trailer no problem. Real tough off road traction and ground clearance no problem. When was the last time you went hunting and drove on those very rutted roads at high speed with your trailer? Never! And never will. Do you remember the Ram Runner? A true Baja race truck with better suspension than the Raptor and back then you Ford guys were saying that the Raptor is better because the Ram runner was too much of a racer? Well you cant have your cake and eat it too. The Raptor is a useless toy. If you want a show truck then that’s fine. A PowerWagon is a real tool, a work horse that many more people will use a heck of a lot more times. The Raptor is a toy just like a vette is. Truth is the PowerWagon is way more useful has way more value and way better off road capability. Not to mention payload and towing. Hands down PowerWagon wins any day.

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