Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe: Sci-Fi Car of the Future You Can Drive Today [Video]

2018 Mercedes Benz E400 Coupe
Mercedes-Benz packed the new 2018 E400 Coupe with future tech. [photo: MB]

Get a Load of This Benz E400

Mercedes-Benz flew TFL’s Roman Mica to Vancouver, British Columbia, to check out the outrageous new technology stuffed into the new 2018 E400 Coupe. Among the highlights:

  • Presafe Sound, a system which somehow knows you’re about to be in an accident. In a split second it pumps the cabin full of a loud white noise. That noise triggers the ears of the passengers to freak out. Then in a even smaller split second, the ears shut down up to 40% of their hearing capability to help preserve hearing.
  • A full 64 different interior lighting color options for a fully-customized cabin.
  • Multiple next steps marking the road to autonomous cars. This includes Lane Change Assist — click the turn signal and a few seconds later, the car changes lanes on its own. And there’s a forward-facing camera that reads speed limit signs, and the ability of Benz vehicles to talk to each other to relay road conditions.

Don’t worry, though, Mercedes-Benz did let Roman actually drive the car on his own. Check back later for his driving impressions. For now, click the video below to get a load of the future of cars according to Mercedes Benz.