• Honda Accord Coupe Dies, TFLtruck Commercial and the Return of Datsun? [Ask Nathan]

      • Is it true that the Honda Accord Coupe dies?
      • Did TFLtruck sell out to be in a Chevy commercial?
      • Should Nissan bring Datsun back to the USA?

    This first question comes from a viewer who wants to know if Honda just killed the Honda Accord Coupe.

    Yep – they did.

    Q:Is the new Accord only a sedan?

    I hope they don’t kill the Honda Accord coupe in 2018.

    (via Tweet @nathanadlen)

    A: Greetings!

    Yes, it’s gone as of the 2018 model year. I think, aside from the slow sales of the coupe, Honda considers their coupe-like new design, along with the manual transmission/turbo option, a suitable replacement for the coupe. Sorry to say, sport coupes are not in vogue right now.


    [Photo: Honda]
    This next question comes from a viewer who wants to know if we “sold out” to be features in a Chevrolet Heavy Duty pickup truck commercial.

    Q: (Statement) TFLtruck totally sold out to be in this GM commercial.

    Come on guys, how much did Chevy pay you to use your name (TFLtruck YouTube channel) and get an endorsement when noone else would give them one?

    David #

    A:Hi David #

    We were never paid for this or any other testimony by any automaker. We call them as we see them and every person here stands by their opinion. Just because our opinion is featured and/or doesn’t agree with your opinion doesn’t make us wrong.


    The last question comes from a viewer who wants to know if Nissan will bring back the Datsun nameplate back to North America.

    Q:I want cheaper cars!

    Do you think Nissan will bring their cheapest cars under the Datsun plate back to North America? I think we need cheaper cars soon. They could pick up the slack left behind after Scion left.

    Bill G

    A: Hi Bill,

    I had a similar question like yours about a year ago, you can read that by clicking (here). It would be great to have an automaker that sells new, reliable, frugal and fun cars in the United States. I would love to see cars that retail for $7,000 or less.

    I was hoping that, with Nissan’s partnership/ownership of Mitsubishi, Datsun could get better small displacement engines, and; perhaps, an inexpensive electric car. Still, those types of vehicles are more profitable in less regulated markets than ours.

    Simply put: it costs a lot to get a car to be Federalized in the United States.

    I miss the days of being able to buy something useable for (well) under ten grand. Imagine being able to pay a car off in two years or so! While I wish Datsun would come back, I doubt it will be any time soon.



    Speaking of affordable cars, check out this fun video of the 2018 Hyundai Sonata!

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    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
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    3 thoughts on “Honda Accord Coupe Dies, TFLtruck Commercial and the Return of Datsun? [Ask Nathan]

    1. It seems that Honda has no intention on competing in the market with hp tq numbers or design or drivetrains,they have turned their brand into an all Prius brand in terms or their crappy design and lack of v6 power.they high jacked Toyotas and Hyundais exterior designs. their powertrain includes no new v6 sport model and a decent 2.0t and ok 1.5t that should be base Models Honda has their 300hp 3.9 found in Acura’s at their disposal to use in a accord coup sport model I’m dumb founded as to why their not even attemping to inject sportiness in their brand

    2. Hi Nathan, on the bringing back of affordable Datsun brand cars, what??? Is that cheap bastard nuts??? Or is he having drug-induced flashbacks of the 1970’s ??? A $7000.00 dollar new car? Has he ever heard of the Smart??? That’s a cheap, 1700 lb car you couldn’t PAY MOST AMERICANS TO DRIVE!!!! And he wants cheaper??? What’s he want, a 2017 version of a Yugo? A Suzuki Swift??? Subaru Justy??? Does he have any idea how much Federally mandated safety equipment and emissions tests cost??? Well, he can ALLWAYS put a deposit down on one of those three-legged Elios, but I doubt they’ll ever be built; people don’t need a car that small when gas is this cheap, they can afford a bigger, safer, less fuel- efficient model!!!!!!

    3. Lol so true well put. gas here in Az is 2.09 with a Frys card it’ll be 1.85 supper cheap. get a decent base model for 12-grand a sonic rio Yaris fiesta versa, so it seems to me he just needs a better job or more motivation. No disrespect intended.

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