TFLnews Weekly Round-Up: Jaguar’s New Performance Sedan and More! [Video]

This week Nick Miles is back again with the TFLnews weekly round-up. It is packed full of stories from the automotive world.

VW looks to be doing well with the release of the latest Tiguan crossover. Sales figures show that the brand is doing quite well in the ever-competitive segment. This comes as no surprise to Nick who found the new Tiguan to be very enjoyable to drive. Also impressive is the Tiguan’s list of convenience features including a virtual cockpit gauge cluster and third-row seating.

Harley-Davidson is supposedly in talks to buy competing motorcycle manufacturer Ducati from the Volkswagen Auto Group. It is unsurprising that VW is having to off some of its smaller brands to help recoup money lost in the dieselgate scandal. Goldman-Sachs has been hired by Harley to help facilitate the buyout. Estimates put the price on Ducati somewhere around $1.67 Billion. Tentative bids are to be expected later this month.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio released, bringing yet another competitor to the red-hot crossover segment. Alfa hopes that the Stelvio’s performance, price, and fuel economy can be enough to persuade buyers to purchase the Italian competitor. With a base price under $44,000 and a 0-60 of 5.4 seconds make a compelling argument for the Alfa.

Automakers like Honda are beginning to realize that there are much cheaper alternatives to revealing cars at autoshows. One automaker said that costs them $148 per chair that they set up at a major autoshow. As such, moving to a platform like YouTube can be a great way for these automakers to reach much larger audiences for a fraction of the cost. Honda is set to reveal the latest generation Accord on YouTube on July 14th.

Finally, Jaguar is making a strong return to the US market after releasing the F-Pace performance crossover. The recently announced a smaller sibling in the E-Pace as well as a 400 horsepower electric counterpart in the I-Pace, capable of hitting 60 MPH in under four seconds. Finally, Jaguar have released a bonkers special edition sport sedan that has enough power to blow your socks off.

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