• Green Day vs Subaru at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre

    This title, ” Green Day vs Subaru ” is no exaggeration as an electric guitar was smashed against a brand -new 2017 Subaru Impreza – mid-concert – several times by the band’s frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. This attack didn’t appear to be a staged or pre-planned by the concert organizers. It appeared to be spur of the moment and the crowd went absolutely bat-hit crazy when it happened. Many would say, “That’s punk rock for you.”

    – And they would be right.

    On August 9th, 2017 Green Day played for one night in Denver, CO. The concert happened at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater, which is sponsored by Subaru. This sponsorship means lots of Subarus around and inside the amphitheater. Subaru is, after all, THE car of Colorado. Last year, the Subaru Impreza sold around 100,000 cars in North America, with a large portion being sold in Colorado. In fact, Colorado is one of the best markets for the automaker. That number doesn’t even reflect the numbers of the wildly popular Impreza-based Subaru XV Crosstreks sold.  Nearly all Subarus sell well in Colorado, so the idea of the automaker sponsoring a iconic amphitheater in Englewood, CO is completely logical.

    Unfortunately for Subaru: Billie Joe Armstrong, frontman of Green Day, appeared to find such corporate sponsorship irritating. Mid-way through “Hitchin’ A Ride” – from the 1997 Nimrod album. Armstrong suddenly yells, “F— Subaru!” He charges off stage and begins beating the crap out of the Impreza. It looked like he aimed to destroy the glass, but that didn’t happen. The damage was surprisingly little. He did make some tiny dents on the doors and the roof (he tossed the broken guitar up in the air and it bounced off the Impreza’s roof), but little else.

    As I indicated earlier – the crowd lost their mind.

    Yes, I attended the concert, and – yes – I saw the whole thing go down. I mean, how cool was that – seriously!?

    I felt bad for the folks who have to repair or replace the car, but there was a positive point that Subaru can take pride in… that’s one tough little car!

    Enjoy this Greed Day vs Subaru video via disappearingfs



    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
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