• The Endangered Manual Transmission – 2018 Comprehensive List of Manual Cars and SUVs

    The Endangered Manual Transmission - 2018 Comprehensive List
    The 2018 Subaru WRX STI is one of the few cars you can only buy with a manual transmission.

    UPDATED 1/9/2018 – added models, corrected previous errors

    In 2015 and 2016, we provided lists of cars you could still buy with manual transmissions. In today’s automotive landscape, rowing your own gears has become a rarefied means by which to get around. Equipped with lightning-fast dual-clutch transmissions, most modern cars can swap cogs faster and more efficiently than a human ever could.

    That news comes as a bitter pill to swallow for enthusiasts like me. Folks who partake in manual transmissions for a more engaging experience are dismayed by a shrinking list of options. Despite their old-fashioned nature, some manufacturers are holding on to manuals across their lineups. Whether it’s for the sake of cost or engagement, below is a list for 2018 of your options for U.S. market cars and SUVs available with a manual transmission. If you’re interested in a truck with a manual transmission, check out this list on TFLtruck.com.

    Subaru is one of the few manufacturers committed to providing manuals across most of its range. Other automakers, such as Jeep, Mitsubishi and Nissan, only offer manuals on its base models. Sadly, notable names on previous lists, such as the Viper and Chevrolet SS, have ceased production entirely. Fortunately, manufacturers like Honda and Mazda have committed to keeping manual transmissions in their cars, despite the row-your-own option’s waning popularity.

    *DISCLAIMER: This list is a mix of 2017 and 2018 models. We may update this list in the future if manufacturers decide to drop manual transmissions from their lineup for the new model year.*

    2018 U.S.-Market cars and SUVs available with a manual transmission

    Make/Model (Body style)  Gears Trim Levels (All unless specified)

    Aston Martin

    Vantage 6/7 (V12 Vantage S) S, GT (V8 and V12)


    A4 6 Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige
    A5 (Coupe) 6 Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige


    2-Series (Coupe, Convertible) 6 Coupe: 230i, M240i
    Convertible: M240i
    3-Series (Sedan) 6 320i, 320i xDrive, 330i, 340i, 340i xDrive
    4-Series (Coupe, Gran Coupe) 6 Coupe: 430i, 440i and 440i xDrive
    Gran Coupe: 430i
    M2 6
    M3 6
    M4 6
    M6 6 Gran Coupe, Convertible


    ATS 6 Available on RWD models
    ATS-V 6


    Camaro 6 All models
    Corvette 7 Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06, ZR1
    Cruze 6 Standard on 1.4L gas & 1.6L diesel models
    Spark 5 All trim levels
    Sonic 5, 6 5-speed on LS; 6-speed on LT/Premier


    Challenger 6 R/T, T/A, Scat Pack, Hellcat


    124 Spider 6 All trim levels, including Abarth
    500 5 All trim levels
    500X 6 Pop


    Fiesta 6 All trims; ST not coming to U.S.
    Focus 5/6 5-speed on all but 1.0L
    Focus ST 6
    Focus RS 6
    Mustang 6 All versions


    Accord 6
    Civic 6 LX, Si, Type R
    Fit 6 All except EX-L
    HR-V 6 LX and EX 2WD models; EX-L is CVT only


    Accent 6
    Elantra 6 SE, Sport
    Elantra GT 6 Base, Sport
    Veloster 6


    F-Type 6 V6 model only
    XE 6 Diesel models


    Compass 6 Sport
    Renegade 6 Sport, Latitude, Altitude
    Wrangler 6 All models


    Rio 6 LX
    Forte 6
    Soul 6 Base


    Evora 400 6


    Mazda3 6 All trim levels
    Mazda6 6 Sport, Touring
    MX-5 Miata 6


    Clubman 6
    Cooper (Hardtop, Convertible) 6
    Countryman 6 All except Cooper S


    Mirage (Hatchback, G4) 5 ES
    Outlander Sport 5 ES FWD


    370Z 6 Coupe
    Juke 6 Nismo FWD
    Sentra 6 S, SR Turbo, Nismo
    Versa 5 S only


    718 6 Boxster and Cayman
    911 6/7 All except Turbo and GT2; 911R comes w/ 6-speed


    ForTwo 5


    BRZ 6 Premium, Limited
    Crosstrek 6 2.0i, 2.0i Premium
    Forester 6 2.5i, 2.5i Premium
    Impreza (Sedan, 5-door Hatchback) 5 2.0i, 2.0i Sport
    WRX 6 All models
    WRX STI 6


    86 6
    Corolla (Sedan, iM Hatchback) 6 SE, iM
    Yaris (iA Sedan, Hatchback) 5/6 iA is 6-speed; 3-door L is 5-speed


    Jetta 5/6 1.4 & 1.8 S and T are 5-speed; 2.0L GLI is 6-speed
    Golf 5 1.8T S
    Golf GTI 6
    Golf R 6
    Golf Alltrak 6 S, SE
    Golf SportWagen 5 S, SE

    If you’re still looking for a third-pedal option in your next car, consider one of these when you go to buy. If you see any errors or omissions in this list, feel free to let us know in the comments! Or, if the cars on this list don’t suit you and you’re looking for a truck instead, head over to TFLtruck.com to check out trucks with manual transmissions.

    Zach Butler
    Zach Butler
    Zach is a writer and Managing Editor for TFLcar. He has held a lifelong passion for cars, with a particular interest in hot hatchbacks and off-road rigs. Born and raised in Colorado, Zach holds a Bachelor's Degree in English from Colorado State University, and is based in Boulder, Colorado.

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    50 thoughts on “The Endangered Manual Transmission – 2018 Comprehensive List of Manual Cars and SUVs

          1. Your table includes the BMW 4 series GranCoupe. But looks like it is only the coupe’s can be ordered with stick and not the GranCoupe. Bummer!

            1. To be precise: BMW’s site does not allow one to built a GranCoupe with a manual transmission. That option is available for the coupes. I mention this in case the table was based on some PR or specsheet. Thanks for this useful table. 🙂

            2. Hi Bimmer Rules,

              The BMW spec sheet for the 4 Series Gran Coupe (found here: http://www.bmwusanews.com/download.do?id=2971) does include the 430i with a manual transmission, although you can’t build it on the website.

              I found 3 2017 manual 430i Gran Coupes for sale – all at Sterling BMW in Newport Beach, California, weirdly – so they do exist! Specifically, the 430i Gran Coupe uses the i-350BK six-speed manual, whereas the other 4 Series Gran Coupe models use the 8HP50 eight-speed automatic. It seems the manual 430i is something of a unicorn among its peers 🙂

          2. Hey how were you able to search and narrow down where the 430i was sold in a manual transmission. I tried going on the bmw site and it olny allows me to search a 100 mile radius.

    1. It’s sad that today’s generation doesn’t appreciate the time it takes to master and love manual. I taught my wife on my 400hp srt4 and now she prefers it

      1. I am a female. As a child I always loved the feel of shifting gears when driving with my dad. I did not learn top drive until after I got married. I insisted on learning on a manual. Hubby taught me to drive and now I absolutely love it. I don’t even entertain the thought of driving an automatic.

    2. I love me a manual; I was sad to turn in my 2014 Fusion SE with a stick. That said, I really like adaptive cruise control and other safety features that are harder to implement with a manual.

      1. Not really. There are some manual transmission cars that offer adaptive cruise control and other safety features such as lane keep assist and automatic emergency braking. I think some examples are the Corolla SE and Audi A4 which comes standard with Audi pre-sense. If you pair the manual transmission with the Prestige package you can even get adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist.

        1. Just wanted to attest to this, a manual does NOT limit any of these features. VW Golf R has every safety feature and luxury perk available all on the 6spd manual (I own one). The 2017+ you can’t even get without those features (lane assist, adaptive cruise, etc.), it even offers remote start in certain markets (CA/EU). Just to prove that there’s no reason features should be excluded on manual vehicles. It upsets me that a Tacoma manual can’t even have push-button start in the manual, where auto does.

    3. Are you guys blind, he put civic he put Sentra it’s called freaking reading he doesn’t half to put lx ex sr or Nismo he’s rounding it up Jesus Christ

      1. Brandon, you do realize Zach was updating the list as others were pointing out omissions, right?? By the time you went on your rant at 530p, he’d already updated it (at 9a). Are you always this uptight and rude? Relax, dude.

    4. Interesting list. Thanks for making it. One thing is I don’t see why some automakers offer manual transmission only on the base stripped down versions considering its mainly car enthusiasts that buy a manual transmission car in the US. Fortunately for me the Jetta offered a manual transmission in the GLI trim. But what if I want a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 4WD? I’d have to get a CVT. So now I have two options. Get something else or get a CVT. Then later on they complain of low take rates of manual transmission and potentially discontinue it. I am in the market for a manual transmission 4WD SUV. Wish I had more options. In European countries and few other countries I’ve noticed manual transmissions can be found even on top trim levels of similar cars or SUVs, but in the US they may not offer a manual transmission at all or only offer it on the lowest stripped down model for the same vehicle. And of course automatics are typically offered as an option only on higher trim levels. Wonder why it’s hard to bring in a high end manual transmission variant here if it already exists elsewhere.

    5. M6 should be added to the list at least it does let you select it on website ..sedan doesn’t allow 600hp package yet the m6 convertible does with a manual., even better it’s a 6 speed not overkill pain in ass shifting 7 speed ))

    6. I have a 2002 Saab 9-3 hatchback with 5-speed stick and 160K miles. I’ve been waiting for a good-sized (not small-sized) hatchback, with a nice trim level and around 200HP or so, with 4WD or front drive and a stick to be offered by SOMEONE, so I can go ahead and replace the Saab. I want it to be big enough to put skis in there-or maybe a bike-and I want those rear seats to fold FLAT (unlike the Saab). Buick’s Regal almost fits the bill-nice car-but no stick option. Why is this so difficult?

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