• 2018 Cadillac XT4 Caught Testing in Colorado [Spy Shots]

    [Photo: Carol & Gary Dayspring]

    Our Guess

    It seems we have once again been given a great spy photo by one of our viewers. Special thanks to Carol & Gary Dayspring for sending in this photo. It contains a prototype Cadillac XT4 caught testing near Loveland Pass, which tops out at an elevation of 11,991 feet. We originally thought it was a Mercedes GLC. However, many of you were quick to point out that this is, in fact, a 2018 Cadillac XT4. Our apologies for getting this wrong the first time around!

    The shape is surprisingly similar to a Mercedes GLC. However, this vehicle will actually end up being a competitor of the Mercedes. The XT4 comes after Cadillac admitted to itself that they were falling behind in the Luxury Crossover segment.

    If you have any spy photos of your own to share, please send them to us at info@tflcar.com!

    To see how the XT4’s larger sibling, the XT5, fares in a drag race, check out the video below:

    Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis
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    11 thoughts on “2018 Cadillac XT4 Caught Testing in Colorado [Spy Shots]

    1. Looks like a benz not to mention that’s benz’s rims on it if you look closely that is most definitely not and caddi product

    2. By the rims and body shape clearly a benz, caddi has no known wheels like these, benz does caddi has no known roof lines and generally body shapes like these, all of small benz suv’s have all these traits but hey this is a guessing game

      1. This car has already been spied in Europe.
        This is Cadillac XT4. I am not guessing, I know it. You can see the vertical lights. Please correct the article.
        Make more research when you write.

      2. if you look up Cadillac xt4 you will see images of this vehicle, it is going to debut with the new Caddy design language that was previewed in the Escala concept, lower belt line and less bling that we are used to from Cadillac. What would be really awesome is a mid sized RWD suv built on the alfa platform to compete with the F-Pace and Macan 🙂

    3. **EDIT** You guys were right! This is clearly the XT4 prototype. My apologies for getting it wrong. Thanks for your help. The article is now fixed.

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