• What’s up with the BMW i5 Electric Car, Hyundai Elantra GT Sport vs Volkswagen Golf GTI and What about the Ford Ranger Raptor? [Ask Nathan]

      • What is the MW i5?
      • Hyundai Elantra GT Sport vs Volkswagen Golf GTI?
      • Is the Ford Ranger Raptor for real?

    The first question comes from a fan who wants to know about the BMW i5 electric car.


    Q:I just heard about a new BMW i5?

    What is it?

    (Via: Twitter @Nathanadlen)


    A: Howdy!

    The BMW i5 concept will debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show later this month. Unlike the BMW i3 with a range extender, the BMW i5 is supposed to be an all-electric car. It will be the third model BMW will produce that uses the “i” badging – which represents the electric side of the automaker. The BMW i5 will be the sedan of the electric line and it will be positioned between the BMW i3 and BMW i8.

    There are very few technical details currently available, but word has it that the BMW i5 will have Tesla-competitive range (between 300 and 500 miles is the rumor).

    Stay tuned, Frankfurt is just a few days away!


    This next question comes from a viewer who wants to know why I would ever choose a Hyundai Elantra GT Sport vs Volkswagen Golf GTI.

    [Photo: Hyundai]
    Q: Hi Nathan, I usually agree with your assessments with the cars you like. But you seemed like you indicated that you would favor the Hyundai Elantra GT Sport over the Volkswagen GTI.

    How could you possibly even think the Hyundai could match the GTI!? Come on Nathan, that’s nuts! And you seemed to forget that the Volkswagen GTI has a superior powerplant and a serious history of development over the years.

    I know you like the car but you need to reconsider your choices!

    I still like you my friend, you just need a dose of reality in your life choices.

    Your friend,

    Cole in Oceanside

    A: Hi Cole!

    Yes indeed, I like the Hyundai Elantra Sport GT a lot; so much so, I considered asking Hyundai for a long-time loan for the TFL fleet. Great car, great bargain. I like both the sedan Elantra Sport and the Elantra GT Sport hatchback quite a bit.

    Still, you’re off on what I actually said and what my opinion was regarding the Hyundai Elantra Sport GT vs the Volkswagen GTI. I prefer the GTI’s ride and power – it’s just that simple. My favorite hot hatch is STILL the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

    With that being said, I believe the pricing of the GTI is very expensive compared with the Elantra GT Sport. I mean, the price disparity is massive. Prices between the two are $3,000 to $5,000 (favoring the ELantra) depending on the trim. That’s a lot of dough and, given that these cars aim for the thrifty consumer’s dollar, there’s something to be said about saving that much money.

    The bottom line: both the Hyundai Elantra Sport and Elantra GT Sport are screaming performance deals, but they don’t have the sophisticated overall feel of the Volkswagen Golf GTI. For some, that’s enough to justify spending thousands more. Others? Hyundai’s excellent warranty, serious savings and a subtle, handsome design make for a tempting proposition.

    Would I buy one?

    That question is precisely why I was considering asking Hyundai for a long-term loan!


    The last question comes from a fan who wants to know if the Ford Ranger Raptor is for real.

    Q:I’ve seen a few reports that Australia will get the new Ford Ranger Raptor. Is it for real?

    If they get one, will we? It doesn’t seem fair if they get something a truck loving country like the USA can’t get.

    You know what I mean?

    (Via: Twitter @Nathanadlen)

    A: Hi

    Yes, it looks like the Australians will get a Ford Ranger Raptor soon. You can read about that (here).  While there’s nothing official for our market (yet), we know for sure that the regular Ford Ranger is coming in 2019 – according to Ford. While there has been no mention of a Ranger Raptor coming to the United States, it’s a pretty good bet that it will, eventually.

    Within the next few years, we will have (or, already have) off-road-centric midsize trucks from Toyota, Chevrolet and FCA (the Jeep Scrambler). Those are just the confirmed automakers that will build a beefier, off-road versions of their regular trucks.  Considering Ford’s dominance and success with the current Ford F-150 Raptor, they could hold a similar position with the emerging midsize pickup truck segment.

    Time will tell my friend.


    Check out this badass Jeep Trackhawk 0 to 60 mph run!

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    From day one, The Fast Lane Car has made it our policy to answer as many questions and comments as we can. We get thousands of emails and comments and feel that, as part of a tight-knit automotive community, having an open dialogue with you keeps things fresh and exciting.

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    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
    Easily amused by anything with four wheels, Nathan Adlen reviews vehicles from the cheapest to the most prestigious. Wrecking yards, dealer lots, garages, racetracks, professional automotive testing and automotive journalism - Nathan has experienced a wide range of the automotive spectrum. Brought up in the California car culture and educated in theater, childhood education, film, journalism and history, Nathan now lives with his family in Denver, CO. His words, good humor and video are enjoyed worldwide.

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    18 thoughts on “What’s up with the BMW i5 Electric Car, Hyundai Elantra GT Sport vs Volkswagen Golf GTI and What about the Ford Ranger Raptor? [Ask Nathan]

    1. The Hyundai Elantra Sport GT really competes with the Golf 1.8 turbo and not the GTI.

      There are two significant problems with the GTI, price and reliability. Nathan is correct, feature for feature, the VW is much more expensive and in addition to that the Golf’s reliability has been going down and not improving.

    2. Hyundai has been making some impressive motors. Gas Hyundai Santa Fe with 260 ft-lbs torque at 1450rpm all the way to 3500rpm? Who else offers that? Watch out for this company. Lets hope they build a truck.

      1. 1500-3500 when it redlines at 6500 rpm that’s not good for instance my Srt4 builds boost at 1200 and peaks at 6000 rpm’s I spike 21 pounds hold 19 pounds redlines at 6500 rpm’s that’s good same for sti and evo those may be performance vehicle but 1500-3500 and then just falls off that’s how you know it’s geared for mpg not sport.I agree with Steve c the GTI is the better looker better performance bargin but for how long will that last their k03 and k04 turbos fail more times then not awful wire short issues and trans seliond problems as well as transmission issues it’s self. but for a performance bargin GTI is good the offerings from Kia and Hyundai aren’t performance vehicles their simply cheaper alternatives that get the job done.

        1. It’s 1450 Brandon not 1500, this beats a diesel motor for low end torque. Where do you get the drop in power at higher rpm’s? It still shows 240HP at 6000rpm. Are you just assuming the torque drops considerably? How do you know?

          Also where is your facts that this motor will not last. Hyundai offers the same warranty as anyone else, extendable if wanted.

            1. Brandon wtf are you talking about? Anyone can read what I wrote. You have no basis to your claims. My original post states nothing about your claims. In fact I challenged your claims and this is your response, which is complete deflection to avoid your stupidity.

            2. Ramho we’ll agree to disagree regardless of this Kia and Hyundai are making economic cars that’s whats their turbos are for their not for performance hint why theirs no dealer offerings for upgraded pcm’ or exhaust systems and what not, even ford offers this for a base focus. the way the car is set up is for mpg not for performance also keep in mind their good cars but between weight and the small turbo they use it makes quick boost but yes it falls off as all small turbos do

            3. I owned a 2012 kia sportage with the 2.0 turbo and it ran to 120mph right beside our 2003 Audi A6 with a 300HP V8. The kia had 264Hp. There was no slow point it was just all go. Again Brandon you provide useless self opiniated sht. You have nothing to back your claims. You sound bias towards Hyundai. Nobody else offers low torque from a turbo gas motor like the Santa Fe. It even beats comparable diesel engines. That is no small feat. They have everyone beat with this engine even Ford. Definately beats the Volkswagon. This is why they are moving to electric in order to compete again.

    3. I haven’t driven either so I don’t have firsthand experience, but wouldn’t the Subaru WRX with 268hp and 258lb-ft for the same price be the better buy than the GTI?

    4. Ramho I have a lot knowledge my associates is in auto mechanics out of Avondale Az UTI where’s yours from. you seem to be a die hard Kia/Hyundai buyer good for you. 120 mph any Prius can do that, that doesn’t impress anybody I gave facts your given numbers and things you read out of brochures and that’s sad but hey more power to you my point now is the same point then that the Kia and Hyundai can’t compete performance wise with German and newer American cars. any monkey can make a car go fast in a straight line Kia and Hyundai have achieved that but going around a track translates to everyday heavy driving in my opinion Kia and Hyundai aren’t their yet my opinion is that the Chrysler 300 Chevy ss and Cadillac CTS/ats and fusion sport are miles ahead of Kia and Hyundai these my opinions price per hp/Tq mpg I’d buy a Kia or Hyundai their nice cars but I sure wouldn’t brag about it

      1. Brandon, please read Rambro’s reply again. He said it ran to 120 MPH with the A6 meaning acceleration, not top speed. Also, the only way any Prius will go 120 MPH is if it’s driven off a cliff. Show me an unmodified Prius going 120 MPH.

    5. it’s an analogy let him stand on his own 2 feet secondly my brother-in-law’s Prius did 113 very slowly but did it so clearly 120 wasn’t exactly out of the picture

    6. Does anyone know if Hyundai is using Mitsubishi turbochargers? They used to use Mitsubishi engines during their first American sold cars. Not sure if everything they use is conpany built

      1. Yes Hyundai/ Kia are the the tdo4/16g turbo charger which is found in the Srt4 and evo and wrx upgraded turbos would be the td05/ super-16g so yes the turbo chargers are by Chrysler and Mitsubishi partnership chrysler refers to them as tdo4lrh td05lr Mitsubishi 16g super16g and 18g but their the same except housing on one or two

    7. FYI their centrifugal turbos not ball bearing per say it has to do with gaining mpg ball bearings build big hp that’s basically the difference on my Srt4 with stock tdo4lr full stage 1 365hp 410tq 19 pounds of boost max boost on td04lrh witch is what Kia hyaundai uses for the turbo is max boost 22 pounds have fun

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