• Cat Fight! Dodge Hellcat Manual vs. Automatic Drag Race [Video]

    Hellcat Cat Fight! Manual vs. Automatic

    TFL’s Roman Mica took our 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to the quarter-mile drag strip at Bandimere Raceway and found Jesse, the owner of a 2015 Hellcat with a manual transmission, who agreed to race him. Both cars are 707-hp, rear-wheel drive muscle-bound scream machines. But which one is faster, the 6-speed manual or the 8-speed automatic? And perhaps more importantly, who is the better driver, Roman or Jesse?

    Without giving away the results, here are some results to feast on:

    • Fastest 1/4-mile time: 12.4 seconds
    • Slowest 1/4-mile time: 13.8 seconds
    • Fastest speed reached: 117.7 mph
    • Slowest speed recorded: 113.3 mph

    I’ll leave it up to you guys in the comments section to weigh in on just how much of an advantage Roman had with a nearly empty tank of gas vs. Jesse’s full tank.

    Check out the video!

    Dodge SRT Hellcat
    Roman and his automatic ‘Cat and Jesse with his manual ‘Cat. [photo: TFL]

    Grant Davis
    Grant Davis
    Grant Davis is the Marketing Manager for TFLcar. Since 2006, he's found himself in the driver's seat of a more than 200 cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and the occasional watercraft as a longtime writer for Outside Magazine/Outside online and other adventure-oriented media. He's based in Denver and has a love/hate relationship with his 11-year-old minivan.

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    1. This video seems to be good but I want to see the eBay wide body hellcat vs the demon to see if either car merits the money more then that I want to see the scat pack vs the hellcat these should be done to help the consumer with a real reason for buying either of these vehicles

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