Strange Noises Coming From a Porsche? Listen to this New Porsche 911 Prototype! [Video]

Earlier this week, Nathan and myself took a little trip to the mountains in hunt of some prototype vehicles. When we got there, we were quite surprised to see a number of new Porsche 911 Prototypes testing in the Rockies.

[Photo: TFLcar]


From a looks perspective, these prototypes were not terribly different than every 911 ever. Porsche is certainly not breaking any ground there. Camouflage was minimal with the most interesting portion of the car being the rear bumper.

[Photo: TFLcar]


The really curious part about this vehicle was the sound it made. You can hear in the video that this does not sound exactly like a traditional Porsche 911. What you maybe couldn’t hear was the fact that there was a lot of Turbo noise going on here. Nathan and I heard it in the parking lot, as well as on the road and there was definitely some blowoff-valve noise happening.

[Photo: TFLcar]
Porsche have already turbocharged the 911 plenty of times. Even the base engine is a turbocharged flat-6. This engine sounded like it may have been missing two cylinders though. Could Porsche be bringing a four-cylinder turbo to the 911? We have no idea, but the noises certainly made it seem like a distinct possibility.

To see, and hear, what I am talking about, be sure to watch the whole video!

What do you think is the deal with this Porsche 911 Prototype? Let us know in the comments below.