• 2018 Lexus RX350L: The RX Gets Stretched! [Video]

    At the 2017 LA Auto Show, Lexus has introduced a new variant of their ever-popular Lexus RX. Looking for more space in your RX? Here’s the 2018 Lexus RX350L, with an extra four inches to accommodate a third row of passengers in sumptuous luxury.

    Lexus Adds a Third Row

    2018 Lexus RX350L
    [Photo: Lexus]
    Lexus has responded to customer demand for a third row by introducing this long-wheelbase 2018 Lexus RX350L. While this option ideally suits those looking for a 7-passenger SUV, both 6 and 7-passenger options are available. Opting for 6 seats gets you a pair of captain’s chairs in the second row. Of course, the third row comes standard as a power-folding row to make an easy transition from passenger space when you want it, to cargo space when you need it.

    2018 Lexus RX350L
    [Photo: Lexus]

    2018 Lexus RX L Drivetrains

    Engine options remain the same as the standard Lexus RX. The 3.5-liter RX350L has a naturally aspirated V6 that makes 290 hp and 263 lbs-ft of torque. Alternately, a hybrid system will be available that combines that 3.5-liter V6 with two high-torque electric drive motor-generators, altogether producing 308 combined horsepower. Lexus has not yet released fuel economy figures for either of these vehicles. But, with the added weight from the third row, expect these to be slightly less efficient than their shorter siblings. Of course, the hybrid will likely fare better in the efficiency department.

    In the V6 model, you have a choice of front wheel drive or all wheel drive. FWD starts at $47,670, with the AWD starting at $49,070. The hybrid comes standard with AWD, but Lexus has not announced its price at time of writing.

    The vehicle is expected to go on sale in January, with the hybrid following suit.

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    Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis
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    1. Hideous front end check Toyota corolla wheels check to many contradicting lines check no off road practicality check. Lexus you really went all out to combine the Aztec juke Highlander and corolla all together. 🤦‍♂️

    2. HI Mike Curtis, how’s things in L A ?? Nice story on the “revised” Lexus RX’s. As I’m sure you know, while a lot of us “regular” car fans DO give Lexus credit for trying to go from “boring” to “exiting” with its styling, when it comes to the “spindle” grille, ya either love it or HATE IT!!! And I actually think there getting WORSE!!! You know, now that Lincoln has finally gotten the message, and is going back to ACTUAL NAMES INSTEAD OF A BUNCH OF LETTERS (that sounded the same on every model!!), maybe Lexus should give it a try too!!! How about naming the new RX the T-REX, in honor of its new front end?? Well, I guess they know what their doing, as I believe the RX is still their best seller, but if I had that thing parked in my driveway, I’m pretty sure I’d have nightmares about my car eating me up!!!

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