• Elon Musk has Achieved Warp Speed: New Tesla Roadster Teased [News]

    [Photo: Tesla]
    Elon Musk has just revealed the next iteration of the car that started it all for Tesla. The new Tesla Roadster was teased at an event that was supposed to focus on the new semi-truck from Tesla. However, Elon Musk had been promising a surprise, and boy did he deliver. In the trailer of this all-electric big rig was a little red roadster, with mind-blowing capabilities.

    (Unbelievable) Performance Figures

    0-60 MPH: 1.9 Seconds (fastest production car to 60 MPH ever).

    0-100 MPH: 4.2 Seconds

    1/4 Mile: 8.9 Seconds (Faster time than a Prius 0-60)

    Top Speed: 250+ MPH

    Range: 620 Miles (enough to get from San Francisco to LA on a single charge)

    Price: $200,000 (Plus $50,000 reservation fee)

    Fake news.

    This car, should it actually be able to hit those numbers, will truly be in a league of its own.

    [Photo: Tesla]
    According to Tesla, power comes from a large, 200 kWh battery pack that sends power to all four wheels.

    Steering wheel seemingly taken from the Starship Enterprise [Photo: Tesla]
    It seems to me that Mr. Musk grew tired of waiting for state legislature to build his Hyperloops and decided to sell it as a car instead. While it doesn’t offer the same seating capacity, it does have four seats.

    Oh yeah… It seats four.[Photo: Tesla]
    More information is sure to come further down the line. The release date is set for 2020 (although Tesla doesn’t tend to stick to those anyways). Rest assured, we will let you know when we find out more.

    While you wait, why not take a look at the original roadster (which came out 7 years ago), to see how far this new model has come:


    Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis
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    18 thoughts on “Elon Musk has Achieved Warp Speed: New Tesla Roadster Teased [News]

    1. More snake oil salesmanship with his Tesla fanboy

      Always when Tesla has bad news, like racial discrimination lawsuits, massive debt, no profit, declining sales, and top engineers bolting the sinking ship, suddenly Elon brings out the super duper news with computer renderings that any 13 year old can do these days with Photoshop. And the media Tesla fanboys/ cult members are right there to lap it up.

      Please actually make some money, Tesla/ Elon, and stop ripping off American taxpayer for your hobby.

    2. Hey, Tesla, we are still waiting on the your over hyped Model 3. Years late and nowhere to be seen.

      If you can’t even produce a basic sedan, how can we believe more of your BS!?

      1. And Ji, what have you done with your life?

        All the above negatives are par for the course in any American business. Which makes me think you are just a troll who will never do anything with your life.

      2. Ji Tesla’s family sedan already beats all the supercars built today in a 0-60, only a few low production hypercars, if they can even be called production two seater hyper cars can beat it. So it is not hard to believe that they have now built the fastest production car

      3. C’mon, cut them some slack, it’s hard to build a lot of futuristic cars when they’re hand made. Do you know how hard it is to even get the door panels to line up in a Tesla vehicle when you’re doing it by hand?!

    3. Michael (author), can you provide a cross-link to one of the experience videos from the reveal? (I think Elektrek has one) The giddy, giggly expressions on the faces of the people coming out of the prototype after their 0-60+ in two seconds test drives kind of says everything that needs to be said about this car. I was impressed that they took a long line of people on this loop with the same car. It was “hop in, buckle up, go 0-60 in under two seconds, brake, do some curves, next person”. No five minute waits for batteries or brakes to cool down. Just, “yea, we can do this all night with this one car”. That kind of impressed me.

    4. The roadster is also a base model, faster will come. This car has 7375Ft-lbs of torque. That is beyond what any vehicle even a semi diesel can expect to make times 3. This will kill the oil industry, finally. Basically he is no longer playing nice, he basically told the oil industry he is not playing games anymore.

    5. Sounds like Elon is trying to generate more cash to pay for the model 3 that’s waaaaaaay off target. 50k reservation….oh, we just need 50k reservations and we will be at 2,500,000,000. That will get model 3 on track and then we will use the [yet to be revealed] vehicle to pay for building the roadster!!

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