1,000 Horsepower Challenger! Dude, I Love My Ride [Video]

On Today’s Episode of Dude, I Love My Ride – Getting under the hood of a 1,000 horsepower Challenger Hellcat!

Welcome to Dude, I Love My Ride! In this TFL feature, we host folks who are interested in showing their rare, modified, or otherwise interesting cars. People have come from all over to our base in Boulder, Colorado to take us around all things they do to make their cars fun and unique. You may have seen our previous video of a tuned Charger R/T and Challenger Scat Pack going up against TFLcar’s long-term Hellcat. Today, it’s another great Mopar episode, as we have Jeff Goldstein’s Dodge Challenger Hellcat. But it’s not just any Challenger Hellcat – it’s a 1,000 horsepower Challenger Hellcat! Check out the video above where Roman and Jeff kick the tires on this awesome Hellcat. They also get under the hood, so you can see just what makes this beast so powerful. If you’re interested in having your car (or truck) featured on Dude, I Love My Ride, e-mail us at info@tflcar.com!

So what went into making Jeff’s Challenger Hellcat the beast it is? Major highlights include a flex fuel tune from Injected Engineering, upgrades to the supercharger, a tougher driveshaft, a Bwoody Velocity intake, and upgrades to the exhaust system. There’s plenty more besides that, so check out the video for all the details! The upshot? Jeff’s and similar Hellcats are capable of beating factory-equipped SRT Demons in the quarter mile, running in the mid-eight second range.

One of the best things about this Hellcat is that it’s still a daily driver. Just a 1,000 horsepower daily driver! And just how does all that power sound? Turns out so savage, our audio equipment couldn’t handle it (sorry about that one). Many thanks to Jeff for bringing his Hellcat on so we all can see it – let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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1,000 Horsepower Challenger Hellcat - Dude, I Love My Ride!
Under the hood of Jeff Goldstein’s 1,000 horsepower Challenger Hellcat [Photo: TFLcar]