• Toyota FT-AC Concept Is a Distinctive Lifestyle Crossover [Video]

    The Toyota FT-AC (Future Toyota-Adventure Concept) seeks to woo the active lifestyle crowd

    “Long live new adventures!” This is the tagline Toyota has emblazoned upon their new active lifestyle vehicle. The Toyota FT-AC concept is a vehicle that beckons its prospective owners to break with tradition. Embrace the unexpected – have fun outdoors! Toyota claims this vehicle represents the next level in their adventure-loving lineup. But does it? TFL’s Nathan Adlen and Toyota North America’s Jeff Halsey take us around this new vehicle.

    Toyota FT-AC Concept
    [Photo: Toyota]

    The Toyota FT-AC’s design: A little bit of everything

    The Toyota FT-AC concept features lots of chunky bits to evoke a fun-loving, adventurous, outdoorsy lifestyle. The big wheels, bulbous front bumper and flared wheel arches offer the FT-AC a distinctive presence, at least. The rest of the design cribs cues from other Toyotas. At the front is a bit of 4Runner/Tacoma. Around the back, you get a bit of RAV4. This car has a fair amount of cladding in the bumpers and around the sides to protect the car from the brush.

    Toyota FT-AC concept
    [Photo: Toyota]

    No official powertrain just yet

    You might imagine that, with the potential market Toyota’s aiming for here, they could really go in any direction with the powertrain. If they want to appeal to off-roaders, they could go with a combustion engine. If they want to appeal to active lifestyle individuals in cities, they could go electric. Or, Toyota can strike a compromise, as it often does, with a hybrid powertrain. Were they to put this into production, Toyota hasn’t come down with official powertrains just yet.

    Whatever powertrain the FT-AC may get, it will likely have a torque vectoring all-wheel drive system fitted, at least as an option.

    What do you think of Toyota’s latest concept? Too much, or do you think this appeals to folks with an outdoor inclination. Let us know in the comments below! Check back to TFLcar.com for more concept reveals, news, views, and real-world reviews! Subscribe to The Fast Lane Car and TFLnow on YouTube for the latest videos on your favorite new models.

    Zach Butler
    Zach Butler
    Zach Butler is the Managing Editor for The Fast Lane Car. A Colorado native, he spends his free time exploring the hidden gems and scenic vistas of the Rocky Mountains. Zach is a life-long automotive fanatic and is based in Boulder, Colorado.

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    5 thoughts on “Toyota FT-AC Concept Is a Distinctive Lifestyle Crossover [Video]

    1. It’s cool, seems like it kinda fits into the hole left behind by the fj and xterra. I don’t need removable fog lamps or the rear blue tooth leds and the way the cladding sticks out looks broken at best but otherwise it’s cool. Offer it with a manual transmission and something bigger than a corolla engine.

    2. The Rav 4 is a real Piece of Junk. Always been ugly, under powered, and lack any and all off road capability.(or any other relevant use) It needs to be shot dead. With the right equipment Toyota might be able to use this to put those dark days behind them. This at least looks good and looks like it has potential.

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