• Genovation GXE: More Powerful than a Corvette ZR1 [News]

    Genovation GXE
    2019 Genovation GXE [Photo: Genovation]

    High-Performance EV Manufacturer Genovation Will Debut Corvette-Based Supercar at CES 2018

    If you’re a fan of the Corvette, you’re no doubt salivating at the thought of the 2019 ZR1 – the most powerful variant to date. That car has 755 horsepower on tap, 715 lb-ft of torque, and a purported 0-60 time under 3 seconds. With a top speed north of 200 MPH, the ZR1 is no doubt a beast. But how would you feel if I told you there was a more powerful, faster Corvette out there? Well, there is – sort of. Meet the Genovation GXE. It’s an all-electric supercar for those who want to drive fast and save the planet!

    Technically, this is Genovation’s second-generation GXE model. The “old” version was a prototype based on the C6 Corvette, but it never officially debuted. The car you see above is based on the C7 Corvette, and Genovation has confirmed its world debut at CES 2018 next week.

    Genovation GXE
    The Genovation GXE utilizes two electric motors and routes power through a seven-speed manual gearbox. [Photo: Genovation]

    Genovation GXE – Here’s what we know

    First of all, you may be wondering what “GXE” stands for. Genovation dubs its EV supercar offering the “Genovation Extreme Electric”. It will have 800 horsepower, as well as 700 lb-ft of sweet, instantaneous torque. Not only that, but the Genovation GXE will also utilize a seven-speed manual transmission. Yep, a manual transmission in an electric car.

    Why did they decide to do that? To catapult the GXE into the record books. With a single gear ratio, the set-and-forget-it nature of electric cars combined with mountains of torque makes EVs untouchable in the quarter mile. However, once you hit the top end of that single gear, that’s it. As a result, electric cars fall short in top speed runs. This car uses those seven gears to make the most of all that power and torque in pursuit of setting a top speed record. And they did it, setting a top speed of 209 MPH.

    Despite the GXE’s neck-snapping thrust, it could travel 130 miles on a charge with a 44-kWh battery pack. Now, Genovation installed a new 60-kWh pack and put down more power, as well as managing 50/50 weight distribution. Quite the potential recipe.

    The interior is based on the C7 Corvette, but has some unique touches. [Photo: Genovation]

    Want a GXE? Prepare to Pay a Big Price

    Genovation will debut the GXE on January 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Want one? Well, this isn’t going to be a cheap proposition. The company is currently only planning to produce a limited, 75-unit run. You’ll have to put in a $250,000 deposit, and pay $500,000 on top of that to secure your very own GXE. In case your index finger started quivering by the time you hit the plus sign on your calculator, that comes out to $750,000. Plus tax.

    Most people will opt for the already Earth-scorchingly fast ZR1 instead. You can buy six of the LT5-powered ZR1s for the price of one of these. However, if you have the means, you could take satisfaction in knowing that you have one of the fastest electric cars on the planet. And no one will hear you coming.

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    1. The GXE has nothing on the Tesla roadster. Its only costs 200,000 and does 250mph and 0-60 in 1.9s with one gear and it has a 620 mile range. Like I keep saying here, nobody can touch Tesla right now. Other companies offering economy cars that are full on electric are slow and expensive. Tesla offers luxury performance and top of the line safety for cheaper than a Civic with their Model 3. Someone like TFL has to do a Model X review but based on the shunning in the auto industry and Texas refusing to sell Teslas that would be a bad idea for any auto journalist that rely on auto sponsors. Hush hush about Tesla but they destroy this car and it has 4 seats in the Roadster not two.

    2. I will never be A proponent of electric cars or tesla as I think it neuters the automobile industry I think it’s for women and soccer moms but it’s more accessible to buy the Tesla roadster then this but a real man should still be driving something that rumbles the soul smells drives shakes like a real V8 should.

      1. A real man does not need the sound of an engine or anything else to make him a real man.

        It is the other way around.

        A person that feels the need to have an automobile or anything else to make him feel like a real man, is by definition not a real man yet. For the very reason that he feels he needs something outside of himself to make him feel like a real man.

      1. Except a lot of erroneous thinking is cause by a so called “sense of humor”.

        A real sense of humor has clarity and points to truth.

    3. The roadster doesn’t exist. Smokescreen vaporware to try and drum up cash for the model 3 they’re still trying to build.

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