Say Goodbye to the Boring Old Sedan with Infiniti’s Q Inspiration Concept [News]

INFINITI Q Inspiration Concept
[Photo: Infiniti]

Infiniti reveals its antidote to the boring old luxury sedan with its Q Inspiration Concept

It’s a sedan, but not as we know it. At least, that’s what Infiniti hopes you’ll think of its new Q Inspiration Concept. Unveiled at the North American International Auto Show today, Infiniti’s latest sedan concept eschews traditional sedan styling cues in hopes of shaking things up. According to their Global Division Vice President, Christian Meunier, the segment has grown rather too conservative. The company hopes to appeal to a younger audience by designing a sedan that shakes us to the core and woos us into sedans of the future.

To achieve that goal, Infiniti design penned the Q Inspiration Concept with clear, concise lines. They take a minimalist approach, at least by some modern car standards. The concept takes on a coupe-like appearance, and serves as the brand’s design vision for its future sedans. Now, the company’s goal is to appeal to a younger audience, hence the ultra-thin LED lights and big, chunky wheels.

Minimalism is in when it comes to interiors

When you look inside the Q Inspiration Concept, the flowing forms and concise, clear lines continue. No more huge center consoles and dashboards machine-gunned with buttons and knobs. The interior design, while it may be toned down in production form, looks neat and elegant in this concept.

Of course, this being Infiniti, it’s not all function and no form. The Q Inspiration Concept will, by the company’s own statements, house their VC-Turbo variable compression four-cylinder engine. It will also integrate ProPILOT functionality that enables drivers to “delegate more stressful driving tasks to the car”.

So you can have a relaxing ride, and look suave and sophisticated when you reach your destination. I call that a win-win. No word on which model this concept will embody in the future, but stay tuned to for more updates!

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Q Inspiration Concept Photos [Credit: Infiniti]