Is the Nissan Terra the next Xterra, Volkswagen T-Roc isn’t for US and Adios Lexus CT 200h [Ask Nathan]

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Is the new Nissan Terra the next Xterra?
  • Why can’t we get a Volkswagen T-Roc in the USA?
  • Why kill the Lexus CT 200h?

The first question comes from a truck fan who thinks the Nissan Terra will become the new Nissan Xterra here.

Q: Okay Nathan, I just saw the Nissan Terra photo leaked!

I know I keep buggin’ ya’all for Xterra info but this HAS to be it! Right?

Thanks Nathan!


2011 nissan xterra moab utah off-road
[Photo: TFLtruck]
A: Hi B!

Bad news: the Nissan Terra is based on the (overseas-only) Nissan Navara pickup truck and is not slated to come to the United States. I wish it would – it’s equipped with a proper 4X4 system, it’s body-on-frame and I find Nissan trucks to be tough as nails. Sadly, it’s pretty difficult to get an overseas vehicle like this through the gauntlet of U.S. safety and emissions requirements.

Still, Nissan is fully aware that people are begging them to bring us a successor to the Xterra. Perhaps they will use data gathered by the sale of the Nissan Terra overseas and see if something like it has a place in the USA.

Regarding the next Nissan Xterra – I promise to keep on keeping on.



This next question comes from a viewer who wants the Volkswagen T-Roc small crossover to come to the United States. Me too.

vw volkswagen t-roc concept geneva
[Photo: Volkswagen]

Q: (via Twitter @Nathanadlen) Why wont Volkswagen bring over the T-Roc?

It would kick ass against the HR-V and RAV4!


[Photo: Volkswagen]
A: Howdy!

Volkswagen A.G. withholding cool and interesting cars from the U.S. market is nothing new. They (usually) claim that various vehicles are not a good fit in our market. I have disagreed with them for years about that, but I doubt they will change their perspective on what (they feel) the American market needs anytime soon.

Volkswagen is in the process of gearing up their next-generation EV car production – very soon. With an SUV, minivan and other all-electric cars hitting our shores soon, I doubt Volkswagen A.G. wants to go through the expense, legalization and logistics of bringing the T-Roc to our market.

With the brass at Volkswagen – It’s always been that way and, I’m afraid, it’s not going to change anytime soon.



The last question comes from a fan who is sad that Toyota/Lexus is discontinuing the Lexus CT 200h.

[Photo: Lexus]

Q: Hey there you ol Natedogg! Remember me?

I’m the guy you met in L.A. during the auto show who was looking at a used entry level luxury car for my wife. We talked a bit about the Lexus CT 200h and that’s what I bought her. We love it and I seriously can’t think of a reason that Lexus has for discontinuing it!

What do you think? I hope you’re all doing well in Beautiful Colorado. Hey, if I am up there for a trip or vacation or something, is it alright to quickly pop by and say hi? My wife and I ski a lot.

Take care buddy!

Clark from Northridge, CA

Lexus CT 200h F Sport
[Photo: TFLcar]

A: Hi Clark, I remember meeting you!

Both the platform (which was shared with the Scion tC) and the Lexus CT 200h were getting up there in age and Toyota/Lexus is trying to move to a more contemporary direction. It looks like they will be using the upcoming Lexus UX as their next entry-level luxury vehicle, taking over for the CT 200h.

Lexus UX unveiled prior to Geneva
The recently revealed Lexus UX. [Photo: Lexus]
We’ll see how that goes.

As for visiting TFL headquarters… hell ya’! Any fan is welcome and, as long as we’re in town, you’ll get the “world-famous” 3-minute tour.

Best of luck with your car!


Speaking of Lexus…

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