3 Row Alfa Romeo SUV and What’s a Good Colorado Car to Lease? [Ask Nathan]

  • Will there be a 3 Row Alfa Romeo SUV?
  • What is a good Colorado crossover to lease?

The first question comes from a huge fan who wants to know if there will be a 3 row Alfa Romeo SUV.

FCA logo
I thought FCA was keeping the big SUVs with Jeep and Ram. Maybe Dodge and Chrysler but I never expected it to show up with Alfa Romeo.

Do you think it’s a good idea to build a 3 row Alfa Romeo SUV for the USA? I want your opinion because you guys seem to be the right ones to go to when it comes to SUVs and cross overs. I truly like your content and the balance all of you have when doing a review or fun video.

May good fortune shine upon the crew at TFL!

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A: Howdy!

I just got some information about the proposed SUV. It looks like they are serious about building a 3 row Alfa Romeo SUV. It looks like they are going to use the same platform and components from the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. It looks like FCA will be aiming at the BMW X7 and other luxury/sport vehicles in this class.

No word on any final details, but this move makes a lot of sense. SUVs and crossovers are where it’s at in our market and a larger Alfa Romeo SUV makes financial sense. Let’s hope it’s as fun to drive as their other products!


2017 vw golf sportwagen alltrack 2015 new york auto show debut
2018 Golf Alltrack

This next question comes from a recent transplant (from China!) to the Rocky Mountains who is looking for a good crossover that can handle our extreme weather conditions.

Greetings Nathan and your friends at The Fast Lane Car! I am moving to your state (Colorado) very soon! 

I have a job waiting as a consultant near Loveland, Colorado. I went to school in Colorado (go Bucks!) but it has been a long time since I’ve driven there. Last time I was there, I bought a slightly used Volvo Cross Country wagon and did alright for a while. I was never in love with the car and I thought it needed more power.

This was back in the late 90s. Now, I hope to stay in Colorado for a while and I am looking for a new vehicle I can lease. It can be small, but I dislike most Japanese cars, especially Subaru and Honda. I guess I am limited to American and German cars.

I drive a Buick in China, but it’s a big sedan and I don’t know if there is something more useful in the states.

Anyway I wanted to get a few suggestions from you abut good cars for your environment. I am looking for a vehicle who’s value is under forty-five thousand dollars. You guys are the experts and I appreciate any help you can be!




A: Greetings and welcome to Colorado!

There are many various vehicles that you could look at. Recently we had great experiences with the Volkswagen Golf SportWagon and (my favorite) the Volkswagen Alltrack. Roman liked the new Hyundai Kona quite a bit and both of us are fond of drive system of the Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Other vehicles that might meet your needs: Buick Encore, Ford EcoSport or Escape, Jeep Cherokee, BMW X1.

What’s most important for folks who are not used to driving in snow, ice and slush is to get proper snow tires and keep them on the vehicle through the snowy months.

While your here in Colorado, feel free to swing by our office, it would be great to meet you!



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