Ford’s Hiking the Price on the 2019 Fusion By As Much as $6,190 Right Before They Kill It [News]

2019 Fusion gets price hike
2019 Ford Fusion. [Photo: Ford]

Ford is increasing the Fusion’s price by up to $6,190 depending on the model.

The Ford Fusion is not long for this world, but it is getting a mild update for the 2019 model year. By 2020, the company will kill the Fusion off, but not before bumping up the price. On the surface, that seems like an odd move. However, according to a Cars Direct report, it’s still happening. Ford’s ordering guide suggests prices on 2019 Fusion models can jump by up to $6,190 over the 2018 model.

That’s not to say every Fusion model will increase by that amount. The base Fusion S will reportedly start at $23,735 including destination charges – a $645 increase over the 2018. The SE will go up by a $650 to $25,015. While those are modest increases – especially considering 2019 Fusion models get more equipment – higher trim levels are more drastic.

2019 Fusion gets price hike
2019 Ford Fusion. [Photo: Ford]
For instance, the 2019 Ford Fusion Titanium will allegedly cost $35,235, which is a $3,870 hike over the 2018 model. At the top of the heap, the 2019 Ford Fusion Sport will spike to a starting price of $40,910. Hybrid and Energi Plug-in models will also get a price hike ranging from $1,235 to $2,215, depending on the model.

Why is the 2019 Fusion so much more expensive?

Back in February, Ford announced their plans over the next two years in their “Ford Uncovered” event. In the case of the 2019 Fusion, the biggest addition was Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 system, the company’s next generation safety equipment suite. The system includes emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, a back-up camera and automatic high-beams.

2019 Ford Fusion Co-Pilot 360
[Photo: Ford]
Overall, the 2019 Fusion is getting more standard equipment with each trim level, which is increasing prices across the board. Those who aren’t looking to spend top dollar on a 2019 Fusion may want to consider a 2018 model with similar equipment. While prices are going up, perhaps the fact that the Fusion is going away by 2020 may spur sales.

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