Felix Fully Loaded: How Much Stuff Can You Fit in a 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle? Beetle Diaries Ep. 8

On this episode of the Beetle Diaries, Tommy and I test to see how much we can fit in the ‘ol Super Beetle. Plus, we headed to the Colorado Bug In, Colorado’s largest air cooled Volkswagen meet.

How Much Can You Fit?

Jeff went to college this week, and he brought with him an eclectic mix of stuff from the ’70s & ’80s. However, Tommy and I were tasked with finding a way to fit all of Jeff’s stuff in the Beetle. Jeff preffered napping and lounging around rather than getting off his fluffy butt and doing any useful work.

Felix Fully Loaded Beetle Diaries

While it was certainly a large amount of stuff, the Beetle came with 10 cu-ft of storage space. This is about 3 cu-ft more than a standard Beetle, something that Tommy and I have explained in previous episodes.

The front-trunk was filled to the brim, and the passenger compartment stuffed with just enough room for the driver & a passenger. Unfortunately for Jeff, Tommy and I neglected to leave enough space to fit our favorite teddy bear. We just tied him to the roof and it all worked out.

The Coolest Bug Meet In Colorado

The Bug In was also a really cool experience. We got to meet all kinds of fellow VW owners, including our new friend Scott, who also owns a ’71 Super. Scott got there early enough to sign up for the open lapping at the drag strip, and took his stock beetle down the 1/4 mile. The results were impressive. But Tommy and I realized that we need to do some tuning to old Felix, cause Scott’s time was much better than we thought.

We also had the chance to do some part picking at the swap meet. Tommy managed to find a correct-length tube for the washer fluid, so we did a field swap to see if it worked.

Come Back Next Week for More!

To see all the shenanigans we pulled off this week, be sure to watch the whole video. Scott’s 1/4 mile run, Jeff’s crazy collection of odds & ends, and more is all in this episode.

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