Fun Future Electric Toyota, Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup News and Mom? [Ask Nathan]

  • It there a fun future electric Toyota coming?
  • Latest update on the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup!
  • What should we get mom, a used Lexus ES or Toyota Camry?

The first question comes from a question on Twitter (@Nathanadlen) about a rumor that a fun future electric Toyota is coming.

(Via Twitter@NathanAdlen) Nathan! Sent you a picture concept of what I think is a fun future electric Toyota sporty car.

Does it look legit?

What is it?

Are the rumors true that they are building something like this?


A: Howdy!

This is a slick looking concept and I found out that it’s rendering from automotive artist Nubuhiko Honda from Pasadena, California. I know, Mr. Honda renders a kickass-looking Toyota – right? Regardless of name confusion, he’s on to something here. These renderings are a year old, but the idea of building something that draws out passion, rather than the mundane future ideals of autonomy, is fascinating. It gives me hope for the future.

Power is supposed to go to the rear wheels and the top opens like a clamshell for entry and exit. It’s a strict two seater that appears to have the same wheelbase as a Toyota Prius C.

Who knows, maybe Toyota will see this as the next step towards securing the future youth market?

We’ll see.


Here’s some fun with an all-new electric car!

The next question is a mix of several questions I’ve received over the past six months regarding updates about the Hyundai Santa Cruz.

(A mix of several questions and statements) There is still a lot of interest about the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup trucklet.

What updates can you tell us about?

Is it for real?

Will Hyundai build it?

What’s taking so long?

Viewers and readers

A: Thanks for the questions guys!

I promised you that I would keep an eye on this story as I am very interested too. It looks like there has been some movement! According to, “Brian Smith, COO of Hyundai Motor America told Motor Trend that they love it and talk about it all the time like some high-school crush.” This is connected to the 2017 story that the Hyundai Santa Cruz has the “green light” for production.

Now we hear that Hyundai Motor America CEO Kyung Soo “Ken” Lee confirmed to the Detroit Bureau that Hyundai plans to “launch it in the US market in 2020” or, possibly 2021.

This is BIG news as it looks like we’re going to get this slick looking machine soon.

Ah, but there may be a snag for those of you who wanted something like the slick-looking concept to sit in your driveway; rumor has it that it won’t look like this. One theory suggest it will look a lot like the brand-new Santa Fe up front and have a longer wheelbase. We’ll see.

At least it’s now (finally) looking like Hyundai is serious about selling this thing – hazah!


The last question comes from a viewer who wants to know if his used car choice for his mother is the right one.

2014 Lexus ES 350 Front

Hi Nathan, hi TFL, I want to know if you think my decision for my mom’s car is a good one.

She’s about to turn 70 and her birthday present from my dad and I is a 2014 Lexus ES 350 with extremely low mileage and an excellent CPO (Certified Pre Owned) warranty that covers service for three years. Now my dad is having second thoughts saying that it’s a glorified Camry and that we can get a 2017 Toyota Camry for nearly the same price. While he’s right about the price, I disagree with him about it being a glorified Camry.

If you could let me know your opinion before the end of August, I would appreciate it. By the way, my dad is a big fan of your truck channel and loves Mr. Truck. I think he’ll respect your opinion.


Carlsbad, CA

2014 Lexus ES 350 Interior

A:  Hello and thanks for the email!

(I sent this reply last week)

I fully endorse your choice of the Lexus ES 350, it’s a brilliant car for your mother (or any mother). Sure, the Toyota Camry is a perfectly fine car, but it is not as special as a Lexus. Just have your pop look at the differences between interiors: the Toyota is comfy, but the Lexus is luxurious and makes you feel special. The same goes for the whole car in general, it makes you feel kind of special.

In my experience, being rewarded with something luxurious is always better than something that isn’t.

Good choice my friend!


Speaking of Lexus…

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