New Prototype Mercedes-Benz SUVs Spied: GLE, GLC & EQC Prototypes Testing in Death Valley

These Mercedes were caught testing in the scorching Mojave Desert.

Thanks to our viewer Mark who spotted a group of prototype Mercedes-Benz SUVs testing in Death Valley. Mark appears to have caught the brand new Mercedes-Benz GLE, GLC & EQC in one fell swoop.

Lets start with the GLC, which is Mercedes’ compact SUV. The refreshed model clearly has a redesigned front end. The grill is particularly reminiscent of two new vehicles in the Mercedes lineup, the CLS Coupe and the all-new A-Class sedan.

The GLE also looks like it has been to the styling department. The grill shape is tweaked slightly. Overall, it seems to have a slightly more upright appearance.

The last prototype to take note of here is the EQC, which we have already seen some pictures of in camouflage. The EQ line will be a new set of electric vehicles for Mercedes-Benz. The EQC will be a similar size category to the GLC. It will be the compact electric SUV.

Mercedes-Benz has not revealed any of these cars in their un-camouflaged forms just yet. Thanks again to Mark for sending us these pictures!

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