Illustrator Shin Yoshikawa’s Painstaking Cutaway Sketch Shows Just How Complex the Acura NSX Is

NSX Cutaway Sketch by Legendary Artist Shin Yoshikawa Reveals Hidden Details of Precision Crafted Performance

Shin Yoshikawa, considered one of the very best automotive illustrators has just finished an Acura NSX cutaway drawing. The 2019 Acura NSX is a complex vehicle and, up until now, no cutaway drawing has outlined how complex this machine is. Automotive illustrating is nearly a lost art. Most automakers are happy with a computer aided drawing or, partial illustrations.

“The NSX’s innovative power unit was extremely challenging to draw, making the second-generation NSX the most difficult vehicle I have sketched,” said Shin Yoshikawa. “Everything comes down to the details. If you don’t understand the technology that goes into building vehicles, you won’t be able to build them, and you certainly can’t draw them.” – – Acura

In this sketch, Yoshikawa creates a forensic breakdown of the Acura NSX’s innards. According to Acura, most of the drawing was done after months of hard work, using notes and (surprisingly) from Yoshikawa’s memory.

After driving the Acura NSX several times, we agree on the serious complexity of the machine, making even the idea of illustrating the supercar mind-blowing. There are only a handful of vehicles that contain similar technology, and those vehicles cost two to five-times as much. This drawing is amazing on so many levels.

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Speaking of driving the Acura NSX…

Do you remember all of the books and posters featuring cutaway automotive art? I had walls covered with those posters and several books illustrated with cutaway cars. It’s sad that it’s no longer popular.