Alfa Romeo in the USA, Ford Ranger Bed & Interior Space and T-Bird [Ask Nathan]

The refreshed 2016 Chevy Equinox made its debut at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.
  • What’t the future of Alfa Romeo in the USA?
  • Does the new Ford Ranger have good interior space?
  • Monkey car?
Rendering: Mo Aoun

The first question comes from Twitter (@Nathanadlen) regarding the Alfa Romeo brand’s survival in the USA.

Q: (Via Twitter@NathanAdlen) Hi Nathan. I love Alfa Romeo but they aren’t selling like they should here.  Do you think they are doomed here? What do they need to do to start selling?

Alfonso L

Rendering: Mo Aoun

Hi Alfonso!

Many hoped that Alfa Romeo would (one day) challenge BMW in the United States. That may be a bit too optimistic right now. Alfa Romeo sold over 1,700 vehicles in North America last month. While that is an improvement over last year’s numbers, BMW’s about-to-be-replaced 3-Series alone sold about three times as much last month.

As much as I hate to admit it, they won’t sell that many cars without adding a ton of crossovers and SUV’s to their portfolio. That’s why I added the cool-looking Alfa Romeo 4C off-road rendering by Mo Aoun.


The next two questions comes from Ford Ranger fans who wants to know if its a comfortable  and spacious interior along with bed-length.

Hi Nathan and Andre! 

You’re the truck guys I wanted to talk to about the new Ford Ranger. I have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma that looks just like Nathan’s old one. I love it but it’s begging to be replaced. It’s too small inside and my kids are too big for the back seat.

The Ranger looks good to me and my wife’s Focus with the EcoBoost has nearly 90,000 miles on it with no problems. I think the Ranger’s engine is similar and I could use the extra power. I like Fords too.

My question is, how are the back seats in the Super Crew setup? Better than my Toyota? I would appreciate if you could let me know.

Love the shows and all of your variety!

J. Woodward

2nd email:

Hey guys, been following all your reporting on the new Ranger, great job.  I’ve not heard any mention of a long bed (6ft) on the crew cab version.  Pretty sure all the other makes have that option.

Did anyone form Ford mention it?

Jason W
Daniels, WV

A: Hi J and Jason, thanks for the emails!

Yes, the back seats are more comfortable than the Tacoma’s a rear seats with acceptable legroom and good headroom. That’s IF you get the SuperCrew configuration. If you get the SuperCab/extended cab, you have a tiny space (suitable for small children) with only two jump seats. It’s very cramped.

On that same note: Jason, the SuperCab/extended cab, which is a shorter cab, has a six-foot bed. The SuperCrew cab has a five foot bed. Check out the video above for more information!

Cheers guys!




The last question comes from a Ford T-Bird fan about, what else? A new T-Bird!

Hi Nathan. I have a 2002 Ford (Thunderbird) T-Bird and I was wondering if Ford ever plans on making a new one.
It would be neat to see a luxury Ford T-Bird based on the Mustang make a comeback.
What do you think?



A:  Howdy K.C!

No, there hasn’t been a peep about a future Ford Thunderbird. You have to remember that, as of right now, Ford is pulling out of the car business, with the exception of the Ford Mustang. While there has been talk about other vehicles that could use the Mustang’s platform, I haven’t heard a single thing.

That would be cool if they did it. If they built a luxury version of the Mustang and made it look interesting. Sadly, I doubt they ever will.



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