The Escort Max 360C Radar Detector Uses Wi-Fi To Keep You Out of Trouble [Review]

Escort Max 360C radar detector
[Photo: Arv Voss]
Recently I had had the opportunity to test the results of constantly advancing radar technology with the Escort Max 360C. There are several radar detectors available in today’s marketplace, all aimed at diminishing one’s chances of garnering a citation for exceeding the posted speed limit. Just as there are several levels and types of detectors, there are several forms of radar signals for measuring and recording excessive speed, with several bands and range capabilities.

Since our world seems to be increasingly inundated by various radar signals that emanate from not only traffic-measuring devices, but automatic doors, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot-monitoring systems that are able to emit the same frequencies utilized by law-enforcement agencies. Radar-detector users need to be able to distinguish the genuine threats from simply harmless noise while moving along at a fair clip. Mind you, we’re not suggesting speeding as a regular practice. That said, it’s a worthwhile test of a good radar detector if you’re able to avoid being cited.

What Sort of Detector to Look For

Yes, it’s possible to obtain a radar detector that falls into the $100 to $200 price range. Those units, however, generally fall short on features and effectiveness. You will obviously benefit from the best protection provided by the more expensive units that are available. The simple to use Valentine One has long been perceived to be the most effective detector available for the past several years, priced at around $400.

[Photo: Escort Radar]

What’s in the Box?

Enter the Escort Max 360C, a high-performance radar and Laser detector designed for more connected cars. The unit updates through a car’s onboard Wi-Fi connection, and it alerts drivers to the latest ticket threats in real-time. It manages that by connecting to Escort Live, an exclusive real-time ticket-protection network, without the need for connecting one’s smartphone to the detector.

Escort Live keeps drivers aware of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area, giving access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts. If you don’t have a connected car or Wi-Fi signal, smartphone users can still pair Bluetooth in the Max 360C and get all the features of Escort Live. When arriving at home or parking near a Wi-Fi connection, the detector will automatically update to the latest software and firmware, without having to remove the unit from the car.

Escort Max 360C radar detector
[Photo: Arv Voss]

The Escort Max 360C features a slimmer design with LED arrows to indicate which direction the threat is coming from. That way, it’s easier to understand and less distracting while you’re driving. The multi-color OLED display intuitively displays both the threat type and strength as well as the vehicles speed so drivers may make the best decision for each threat in HD resolution.

The Escort Max 360C also includes a new magnetic mount that provides the simplest and most secure installation. It attaches and releases the detector with a mere magnetic touch, eliminating any bouncing that makes the screen difficult to read.

What About Radar Systems in the Car?

The Escort Max 360C includes two antennas for front and rear detection as well as GPS Intelligence with access to a large database of cameras and speed traps. Drivers can also mark their own hot spots using the detector’s “mark location” feature. An IVT Filter system helps root out false alarms from the car’s own radar-dependent systems. That includes sources such as collision avoidance systems and adaptive cruise control. The Escort Max 360C retails for $699.95.


TFLCar’s Take

Bottom line, the Escort Max 360c is an impressive unit with an easy-to-understand OLED-based interface. It’s capable of detecting threats far earlier than the previous generation units. It also sports a remarkable ability to tune out those false positives that make other radar detectors so irritating to use.

As a drawback, it’s not the most intuitive when it comes to setting up your personal preferences. With time, though, it becomes more user friendly. Yes, it’s more expensive than the waves of cheaper units out there. But in the long run, drivers may save some money by not chalking up numerous citations for having a lead right foot in the fast lane.

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