Jaguar Land Rover Adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support, For a Price [News]

Standard equipment on the I-Pace, but it's a $300 option everywhere else

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support will come to certain 2019 models.

When we tested cars like the Jaguar XF Sportbrake and the E-Pace, one of our biggest criticisms was the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. The company is now addressing that criticism by updating its 2019 models, it announced today. Now, certain Jaguar and Land Rover models will integrate with your smartphone, connecting via the car’s infotainment touchscreen.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support will come standard on the I-Pace. [Photo: Jaguar]
The caveat, however, is that it will only be available on certain Jaguar and Land Rover models. Specifically, it’s available from the 2019 model year onwards, on cars equipped with JLR’s InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo infotainment systems. Unfortunately, 2018 and older model vehicles are out of luck – even if they have those infotainment systems. The company has rolled out that infotainment system across the Jaguar and Land Rover model ranges, but it doesn’t stop there. With nearly any model you choose, the Smartphone Pack which adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support costs $300. It’s only offered as standard equipment on the new I-Pace.

Jaguar Land Rover adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support
Jaguar Land Rover made some minor changes to their InControl Touch Pro infotainment system as well. [Photo: Jaguar]
In addition to adding the Smartphone Pack, Jaguar Land Rover also made a few minor changes to their infotainment system. There’s a minor graphical refresh on the home screen, as well as changes to button placement on the media screen.