Chevy Camaro Chief Al Oppenheiser Moving On – To GM’s EV Program

The man behind the Camaro will oversee GM's future electric cars

Chevy Camaro Chief Al Oppenheiser Moving On - To GM's EV Team
[Photo: Chevrolet]
If you’re a fan of the fifth and sixth-generation Chevy Camaro, you know Al Oppenheiser. He’s the man behind the Camaro, helping bring performance variants like the Z/28 and ZL1 to life. Not only has he been with General Motors since 1985, but he’s been the Camaro chief engineer since 2007. Today, Car and Driver reported that Oppenheiser will move on from that position in January. From there, he’ll become the new chief engineer of GM’s EV program. According to a Car and Driver report, GM spokesperson Michael Albano confirmed the move.

Al Oppenheiser, Camaro chief engineer will move to electric vehicles in January

He will reportedly work on a range of models under the EV team. Albano did mention that GM has not ruled out performance electric cars in the future, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see a Camaro EV anytime soon. As electrification takes center stage at GM, he said the automaker is moving “some of our best talent” to EV projects, according to Car and Driver. Executive director of Performance Variants, Parts, Accessories and Motorsports Engineering Mark Dickens will take over Oppenheiser’s role.

The move will likely evoke a strong reaction from Camaro enthusiasts. That said, it will be interesting to see what will come of the company’s electric cars with Oppenheiser at the helm.