The New Tesla Model Y Is Coming Today: Here’s What We Know

All will be revealed tonight at 8 PM PDT

When we tried to flesh out more detail, Tesla hid a nice surprise for us: “Nice try”. [Photo: Tesla]

The Model Y will be the company’s fourth current model.

Joining the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, the Tesla Model Y will be the fourth current model in Tesla’s lineup. Tonight at 8 PM PDT (11 PM Eastern), the company will reveal its new crossover at its LA Design Studio.

While much of the car’s specific features remain a mystery until tonight, let’s go over what we do know about Tesla’s latest offering.

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The new Tesla Model Y will be smaller and more affordable than the larger Model X. [Photo: Tesla]

It sits below the Model X

The Tesla Model Y will serve as the entry-level alternative to the larger, much more expensive Model X. Tesla has only shown a handful of dark teaser images thus far. However, it looks more like the Model 3 than its Model X sibling from the front. We expect the Model Y to share a similar, although smaller, profile to the larger Model X crossover.

The Model Y won’t be so expensive

According to earlier tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the Tesla Model Y won’t cost anywhere near as much as the Model X:

Musk’s claim will likely put the Model Y somewhere in the $40,000 to start. Of course, there will be multiple versions to choose from, with prices stretching well beyond that figure. Count on Tesla starting production with the more expensive, longer-range models, as they did with the Model 3’s production. Dual Motor all-wheel drive versions, for example, will likely roll out well before the entry-level, rear-wheel drive version.

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The Model Y will share most of its components with the Model 3. [Photo: Tesla]

It will share the Model 3’s platform

By and large, we know the Tesla Model Y will closely resemble a Model 3 when you boil it down to its platform. Musk originally stated the Model Y would have a bespoke platform. However, in light of the company’s attempts to achieve long-term growth, Tesla scrapped that decision.

Ultimately, the move to put the Model Y on the same platform as the Model 3 will dramatically reduce production costs. It would also allow the company to scale up production faster, as it already has the tooling for the Model 3. According to reports, the Model Y will share about 75 percent of its components with the Model 3 sedan.

More coming tonight

We’ll know more about the new Tesla Model Y during tonight’s reveal. Stay tuned to for more updates! We will also cover the news on our TFLnow YouTube channel — subscribe for more news, views and real-world reviews.