Mini Could Morph The Clubman Into Another Crossover, Since Wagons Don’t Sell

Will it lose those rear doors?


A Bigger Mini Clubman could mean an even bigger Countryman too.

There is a possibility that there will be a bigger Mini Clubman in the near future. This stunner came as the folks from Autocar were interviewing Oliver Heilmer, the chief designer. They noted that the current dimensions of the Mini Clubman were similar to the Countryman’s numbers.

Heilmer noted that the Mini brand only has one actual SUV and that size may effect sales. “I want each model to be the smallest in the segment, or visually the smallest. But small may not be helpful for sales.”

Considering their light sales numbers in the United States, Mini knows that Americans want SUVs. It’s possible that they may lift up the Clubman, give it the off-road-ish looks of the Countryman and call it good. At the same time, this gives Mini an opportunity to increase the size of the Countryman and take it to a higher market.

There are rumors out there that Mini is serious about electrification and is considering a variety of new vehicles that are EVs from the offset. This could be another reason for changing the Clubman.