Electrify America Completes Its First Cross-Country EV Charging Route

Another southernly route is scheduled for completion by September 2020

Electrify America’s charging grid covers a growing portion of the United States

Already known for their coverage of the East and West Coast of the United States, Electrify America now has a cross country route. A second route will be completed this September. The stations are spaced approximately 70 miles apart, that should alleviate some range anxiety. 

The only EV charging network that made electric vehicle cross-country journeys realistic, was Tesla. Unfortunately, Tesla is only available for their vehicles. Electrify America’s network will work for all EVs. 

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2,700 miles from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles

The first route spans from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, California along I-15 and I-70. This route will pass through 11 states. A second route will go from  Jacksonville, Florida to San Diego, California. This route will cross nine states and stick to I-10. 

“Electrify America’s primary goal has always been to advance electric vehicle adoption in the U.S., and that starts by instilling feelings of confidence and freedom in consumers when it comes to EV ownership,” said Anthony Lambkin, director of operations at Electrify America. “The completion of our first cross-country route is a significant step towards that goal – by making long-distance travel in an EV a reality, we hope to encourage more consumers to make the switch to electric.”

2019 Nissan LEAF Plus (e+)

Right now, several EVs are about to debut in our market. There are a variety of cars and trucks that will be rolling off the production line very soon, from crossovers like the Nissan Ariya to the Tesla Cybertruck (COVID-19 delays notwithstanding). Having the ability to drive cross country has been a huge hindrance for EV marketing.

Perhaps this big step by Electrify America’s cross country charging is a step in the right direction?