Ford Officially Teases The 2021 Bronco: Its Official Reveal Is Coming July 13

Ford's Jeep Wrangler-fighter is almost here

Here it is: One of Ford’s first official images teasing the 2021 Bronco. [Photos: Ford]

Ford’s official Instagram page for the 2021 Bronco released a short teaser video showing off the car’s front end. Here, we get a clearer look at the undisguised headlights and grille — in a dark setting, of course — teasing the upcoming reveal on July 13. As it happens, that’s also when Ford’s opening up reservations for its revived SUV. According to recent rumblings from Ford dealers, you’ll be able to put your name down for a Bronco for $100, with the full ordering process set to open up later this year.

@FordBronco also posted two small parts of the new Bronco, with the older model filling out the middle as a nod to heritage. We can’t see much in the later photos, but there are a few more clues in these teaser photos. This Cyber Orange Bronco is sporting some beefy all-terrain tires, and its wide fender flares and steel bumper show its intentions to take on the Jeep Wrangler. It’s also clear the Bronco will get pillar-mounted mirrors, which is another confirmation of its removable doors.

We expected the 2021 Bronco to sport boxy styling as another throwback to its decades-long heritage. However, this is just about the most squared-off, chunkiest most rugged looking SUV there’s been in modern times. That retro styling is what appeals the new Bronco to most buyers, though. Even seeing just a small portion of the car, it appears Ford nailed the throwback look they were going for.

The Instagram post does say this is a pre-production model. While the CGI version is all Ford’s teasing for now, the Blue Oval will likely drop more crumbs for excited fans over the next couple weeks. When the 2021 Bronco does hit dealers — reportedly by April 2021 — it should start somewhere around $30,000.