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Before becoming an automotive journalist, Derek was diving into engine bays and wiring car audio systems for competitions since high school. Granted, there were a few extra bits and pieces after reassembling everything but nothing ever fell apart on the road. Today Derek applies his enthusiasm and gearhead knowledge into the latest cars, unraveling today's complex automotive technology, and learning the rich history of classic cars.

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Tesla Model 3 Vs. Nissan Leaf Plus: Which Is More Efficient...

The Tesla Model S is currently the highest-rated electric car on range, at a whipping 335 miles. It's little brother, the Model 3, isn't far behind, with it's Long Range version pegged at 310 miles. Those figures put it on par with a traditional gasoline vehicle. But, like gasoline vehicles, those numbers are calculated under certain conditions. What happens when you throw some obstacles in the way, like a 6,000-foot climb up a mountain pass?