• FCA Update: Chrysler Sticking Around, Focus on Jeep, Ram, Alfa Romeo and Maserati in Upcoming Five-Year Plan [Video]

    No Mention of Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge in Five-Year Plan

    Despite recent rumors, Chrysler will not be discontinued, according to an FCA spokesperson. Tomorrow, Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne will lay out a plan for the next five years. Automotive News recently reported about tomorrow's schedule on a company website, where it looks like some big plans are in the works. Noticeably absent, however, are

    [UPDATE] FCA Denies Chrysler is Dead – Major Five-Year Plan Announcements Coming This Friday

    Will Chrysler Get the Ax?

    UPDATE 5/31/18: TFL received information from a source working at an FCA dealership that those dealers informed employees Chrysler was, in fact, going to be discontinued. However, an FCA spokesperson responded to TFL's request for comment stating the company will not, in fact, cut Chrysler from their portfolio. Speculation is swirling as