• More Emissions Cheating Shenanigans, But This Time It’s BMW [News]

    Emissions Cheating Shenanigans: BMW Edition

    Today, German prosecutors and police raided BMW's headquarters on suspicion of the company using emissions cheating software. Oops. Today there were more police, more raids, more suspicions of emissions cheating. This time, BMW is under the microscope. According to a BBC News report, about 100 law enforcement officials searched BMW's headquarters

    The Manual Transmission: Dying Breed or Beacon of Automotive Expression? [News]

    Subaru BRZ 6-speed manual transmission

    The manual transmission seems to be a contentious thing these days in the automotive world. Enthusiasts like myself cannot fathom life without three pedals. Fortunately, there are a fair number of manufacturers still producing cars for our breed. However, there is also an industry trend that is leaving the manual

    Ford Executive Raj Nair Fired Following Misconduct Allegations [News]

    Raj Nair fired

    Ford's VP of Product Development Raj Nair is out following allegations of 'inappropriate behavior' Earlier today, Ford announced the departure of Raj Nair, who was responsible for Ford's North American business operations, following misconduct allegations. He's the company's highest ranking member to be dismissed in light of greater scrutiny around corporate