• When should you use two- or four-wheel drive? [Video]

    What’s the difference between two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive low? And, when would a driver use those different settings? In the latest episode of TFL's Difflock video series, Roman and Tommy Mica tested this out on their Jeep Wrangler at Gold Mine Hill in Colorado. To demonstrate how the different systems work,

    2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport Let There be light: DiffLock Ep.16 [Video]

    We have come to another installment in our affordable off-roading series, DiffLock. This time, Tommy Mica attempts to combat one of the Jeep Wrangler's longest standing and most relevant off-roading issues, being its notoriously underwhelming headlights. Lighting may seem like a somewhat trivial thing for off-roading, but when things get dark,

    Colorado Muddy Off-Road Adventure – DiffLock Ep.15 [Video]

    Difflock Muddy Off-Road Adventure

    How do two Jeep Wranglers and a Toyota 4Runner do on a muddy trail on the Rainbow Lake side of Caribou, Colorado? TFL’s Tommy Mica and his friends, Matt and Alex, found out recently as their took their off road rides on the trail during the recent Difflock adventure. They took their