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    1. Boa noite eu sou Angolano e preciso de peças de carro como Isuzu vehin cross como posso contacta-los

        1. Want to tell you that my father he is 88 years old has 1999 Isuzu Vehicross Ironman never really driven and kept in garage whole time. Has about 5,700 miles on it. It is showroom looking. What do you think would be value?

          1. Loran, did you find any answers re: your father’s Vehicross? I know of someone who might be able to help you out a little if not.

      1. We have made some improvements to the home page layout to make it easier to follow. Would you try it out again?

    2. New format is much less informative with many incomplete reviews compared to the prior format and reviewers who actually drove the cars they reviewed. This format is “virtually commercial”. Sorry good-bye TFL bookmark.

      1. We are sorry you feel this way and appreciate your feedback. While the presentation has changed, the content hasn’t. We still strive to provide the best news, views and real-world reviews every day. Could you give us an example of what you mean by “incomplete reviews?”

        1. I have a question I have a 2006 ford freestyle awd 3.0 v6 for the family hauler and we took it to flagstaff Az from buckeye Az last year for Christmas we also go out to the desert a lot it does great in both but the tires are starting to wear down what all terrain tires or off road tires would you suggest money isn’t the issue more less just tires that will last and do great in snow and desert please help

    3. I wanted to say thank you all for your awesome dedication and work! I went out and purchased a 2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk after seeing your videos! Keep them coming!

    4. Hi guys, I live in Brighton, CO and recently purchased a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, I was hoping you could tell me which trails you go on to test your vehicles sense I’ve never really been off roading before. Thanks and I love your videos!

      1. There are lots of great trails, but we take most crossovers to the Switzerland Trail above Boulder. It’s open year-round, and it’s closer. However, there are other spectacular trails that open when the snow melts. We recommend you purchase a Colorado 4×4 Trails Book to get the complete list.

    5. My name zee . I love to watch video for those three guy. And some time make me laugh. Most of the car they advertising they actually insulting cars. But really good to watch. They explaining really good Nathin . I m field Engineer with Ericsson and going off road on cell sites. I like to go off road. Driving Nissan Rogue 2015 and Toyota Venza AWD and found this car really really strong. MY COMPANY SEND ME WHERE NO ONE CAN GO .You can not believe at one site 6200 power stroke ford stuck but I made up on the hill. Then I m thinking about your off road test which is joke.

    6. I’ve owned a Acura integra gsr and my beloved 03 srt4 then a Pontiac Grand Prix gt 07 and now a 2016 Chevy sonic loaded LT my point is that on your review with the sonic I just have to agree with you I have the 1.8 just because I don’t see a big enough power difference to make me get one but it is just the most amazing car I’ve owned next to my srt the content is just shockingly great you compared yours to a fiesta my dad bought the new focus for a work car that is just a awful car and even he said maybe I should have gotten a sonic so thanx for the review God bless guys. Brandon wright Goodyear az ps screw the hatch I got the sexy four door lol

    7. Hey guys! Just saw the video about the Hellcat: Hot or Not. Do you think maybe there’s a better/stickier set of street tires out there that could provide better traction for the Hellcat?

    8. Altitude has a litany of phenomena that continually humble the best foresight. The greatest advantage to a mid-size truck is TRACTION. 4X4 or not.

    9. Hi, i just have a question about the mark scion, now that the scion is more, what that bring to the people that own one? Because i want a scion xb and now with that i dont know to get one.

      1. All current Scion cars will be badged as Toyotas and they will be sold in Toyota dealerships. So you will still be able to buy a Scion, but it will be called a Toyota.

    10. Hi Nathan and Andre,
      What car were you driving in when you Spied the jeep wrangler on the recent post this week? The interior looked very comfortable and spacious. Thanks Michael

    11. Hey Guys!
      Does someone know something about the new 2017 Mitsubishi Pajero – Montero 4X4 sport and if Mitsubishi is planning to offer it in North America, since it already available in some country like in Australia.

    12. What do you guys think of the new Durango vs the new 4runner? Do you find them similiar or different types of suvs? I am considering both as a replacement of my 2003 Durango 4.7 slt.

    13. Hey guys!
      Love your work my friend and I love sharing information we learned on your videos. Anyway you rave about Jeeps and I was wondering how reliable they are. People around were I am from pick how they are not reliable. Thanks!

    14. I cant find how to “ask nathan,” so I’ll ask here. Which all-wheel drive system is best for a project like motor mountain monday (lots of highways interspersed with soft roads and trails)?

    15. This is for Ask Nathan. Do you believe Acura isn’t updating the ILX to the new Civic platform until it can have a traditional automatic transmission to go along with what will be the Si engine? It would make sense as it will allow the engine to be more powerful than the current engine and not steal sales from Honda as they keep the Si manual only.

    16. Hey guys. I have sciatica, and I’m wondering if you could give me some suggestions for ecar, ccar, or small cuv’s with softer suspensions. I need a floaty boaty, and they don’t make Olds any more.

    17. Roman, love your shows! Just one thing. The Nurburging is where cars race around. Nuremberg is where the Nazis were tried. I believe be the Nuremberg ring is the mark left on their necks afterwards.

    18. Love you guys!!! Vids are well produced, and informative. Flying to Denver for vacation and would love to meet everyone! I’ll buy the drinks! Wait wife said only one round, She says Nathan gets 2. Hahaha

    19. Hi. I would like to know your feedback on MG GS. Can you plz review this car for me? I need a honest feedback on driving, comfort, quality. Waiting for the reply.

    20. Inflating and deflating the tyres at the push of a button form inside the car 4 x 4 is available (compressor + air lines etc.)
      Why i don’t see any program like yours talking about it
      Andres Sydney

    21. Im matt, I’m sixteen years old and I have two questions. First I was wondering why haven’t you guys ran the Silverado 2500HD with the gas 6.0L vortec vs the Ram 2500 vs the ford F-250 (all with their gas engines) up the Ike gauntlet recently. Also I wanted to know why you guys haven’t taken the Sierra/Silverado 2500 HD Z71 off road?

    22. Hey guys I have been watching you for years, and now am trying to get a little advice. I am curious to get some information on the grand cherokee protoype more importantly the new trailhawk trim. 1st do you think the diesel is worth it if I had a small boat compared to the v6. 2nd when do you guys think you will post an off road review of that trim because I’m not buying one till I see your review.

    23. How about taking small and medium size SUVs/cars up the Ike Gauntlet with some of the small travel trailers on the market now. I own a ’13 Outback 2.5L and a ’16 Volvo XC60 2.0L eDrive. I’m moving to Colorado and looking at lightweight travel trailers that might work without having to buy a larger tow vehicle. I suspect that either might be okay on flat highway at sea level but not sure as to performance and safety in the Rockies. Lots of variables going into the equation. The only reviews currently available are from Europe where VW golf sport wagons routinely pull 5,000kg travel trailers… thanks guys and keep up the great work!

    24. Concerning an episode of yours from 2013 that was posted in 9 or 10 segments on YouTube:
      Just in case you might be interested, I found another Lincoln Contential Diamond Jubilee available on EBay. The auction ends two days from now, on Thursday, 2:33PM. So far the bids are VERY low and the milage on the car is too (just 7,716). No, it is not MY car.

    25. Bottom line best cheap fun is the 03-05 dodge neon srt-4 and 2006-2010 caliber srt-4 0-60 5.2 seconds quicker by a Second than the focus st and Mazdaspeed 3 265 hp when dynoed 300 tq and only 2600 lbs also Pontiac soltice and sky quicker then the new Miata / fiata …..buy American period

    26. I enjoy your offroad reviews more than any other on the web. I have a request for a piece of information no one offers with these reviews. It would be very helpful to know how these cars hold up and what needs replacement after an excursion or two offroad. Capability to go offroad is one thing, reliability is quite a different thing. Thanks.

    27. Roman and Nathan are definitely not the sharpest knives in the drawer. This stuff could be construed as entertainment in some quarters, but for some of us it’s simply cringeworthy.

    28. Do you have any idea why Honda doesn’t bring the hybrid version of the Honda Fit to the US? This would be a fantastic car and would compete directly with the Toyota Prius C. Honda had a great hybrid years ago (first gen Insight, which my wife owns) but has failed with a strong hybrid since – a hybrid Fit would be awesome. Also, do you know if there will be hybrid version of the H-RV coming to the US?

    29. I’ve driven Hondas for several years, in fact, I’ve driven almost all Japanese cars (Mazda, Nissan, Honda) with the exception of one Volvo 240DL wagon (I miss that car!). Currently have a 2007 Fit which has been a great car. I’ve gotten bored with Honda’s conservativeness and I’m not crazy about the CVT’s going in many of their cars. You can’t beat (besides Toyota) the Honda reliability. But, I’ve been considering a few VWs such as the Golf, the all new Alltrack, or the Tiguan. I’m leery of VW’s reliability as it seems as though people either love VW’s or hate them. Anything to share on VW’s reliability and reputation would be appreciated. Thanks!

    30. Re Chevrolet Cruze ?
      Sorry to tell you this but with the Hatchback Cruze you in the USA have been short changed, the European Astra has a floating roof at the rear you’ve been palmed off with the old Euro styled model shame on GM in the USA. Mike Pickering West Bromwich England

    31. Hello TFLCar! Local denver guy who found himself in Boulder the other day sitting in the Kia Niro at Fisher Kia on Arapahoe. Interesting car. Whats more, Craig Fisher (the owner of the place) came up and asked me how I liked it. Of course the first question out of my mouth was ” AWD option?” He said yes! He recently received an e-mail from Kia that said it would be available in this option in Q1 2017. Some kind of second electric motor jazz for the back axle. This was last Saturday, 11 /12/16. I am writing you not to spray, but to ask if you know anything more. I do not like the Prius for the looks & no awd (vain colorado guy), but would see myself making sales calls around town in Niro where I can spray my scent quickly all over the car and front range with the vented seats and dual clutch. Cheers! #farting in vented seats is horrible but they are equally awesome

    32. Hey guys my name is James I’m from north west NJ. I am 15 yrs. old and I’m a huge fan of your website and YouTube channels. I have been watching you guys on YouTube for quite a while now. I have actually tuned everyday to see your videos. I love seeing the videos you guys make everyday because it really inspires me. Keep up the good work

    33. Have been watching a number of your videos on YouTube about the off road capability of small suv’s. All the ones I have seen are with cvt transmissions. One down side that has been mentioned is that the computer will stop sending power to the wheels in some cases to keep from damaging the transmission. Would this be the case for manual transmissions? I am especially interested in the Subaru forester with the manual transmission. Have you ever done a review of it?

    34. Hi, I’d like your opinion please. I’ve had a 2017 Grand Cherokee Limited EcoDiesel on order since October waiting for the EPA to approve the engine. I have a 4700 20′ travel trailer, so I am interested in the towing power of the diesel and the gas mileage, but I’m nervous about buying a FCA vehicle (I’ve been a 4x Honda owner), and what a diesel entails for cost of routine maintenance and finding an independent mechanic that’ll work on a diesel. I know virtually nothing about diesels. I currently have a 2008 Ridgeline which I love and I’ve had zero problems with it, but I really don’t really want another even mid-size truck at this point in my life. My question to you is, should I continue to wait for the EcoDiesel or cancel it and buy a 2017 JGC V6 instead getting lesser MPG and towing capacity. I’m not interested in the V8 because MPG is about or worse than the Ridgeline. Thank you for your opinion.

    35. you should do a top 10 winter beaters cars. you can do the list on tfl car or your other youtube channels the cars have to be 06 or older because TPMS became standard on all new cars after 07 i have a 06 and i can change between a winter set and the all-seasons i have on my factory wheels with out a idiot light on my dash and it’s cheaper install cost every time i buy tires. I also choose 06 due to the new emissions crap for diesels that came in 07.

    36. You test comparison of the Mercedes GLC and the Cadillac XTR5 was interesting. However, picking the Mercedes over the Caddy I couldn’t disagree with you more. I drove both and prefer the higher quality materials of the Mercedes but you can’t fit anyone in the back seat. Why did you not consider this?
      Thank you.

    37. Hey Roma and Andre I own a 2013 Ram bighorn if you guys are interested in giving and long term update of how the truck has kept together for the last 4 years.

    38. Hi, I love watching you guys car reviews. They’re very informative and fun to watch at the same time. It’s like Consumer Reports without being so dry. I was wondering, however if you might have thought about selling T-shirts, coffee mugs or something with your name on it? If so then I’d like to be the first person to know about it. Keep up the great reviews!

    39. A while back TFL Truck did a mashup of 3 generations of the Tacoma and it was great! Any chance of having a similar mashup with the last 3 generations of the 4Runner? Keep up the great work!

    40. Hey guys, love your work. My daughter is looking for a new car. She wanted a Mazda6; but it’s a little out of her price range. Her next two options are the Civic EX-T or the Elantra Sport. The Elantra is about 1k more; but has leather and Nav. I know that Nathan really liked the Elantra Sport in a recent review he did. I’d be great if you guys would do a Mashup up Sport Sedan Subcompacts. BTW, she’s a cool chick and likes sporty cars, even though she wouldn’t drive either to their limit. Which of the two cars would you recommend?

    41. I have watched hundreds of your reviews on YouTube. You have the best reviews. No one else does the off-road tests that you perform. I will not buy a vehicle until I’ve heard your opinion.

    42. Sorry, but you need to stop the “live” videos. They feel very amateurish and in a 1 hour live video could be a 15 minute regular video with better video, audio, pictures or what you are talking about, and have way less off topic banter.

    43. love your videos, but…the music played between the talking is too loud. Remember when you had to continually turn down the tv volume whenever the commercials came on, same thing.

    44. Far too often, people criticize rather than acknowledge the hard work and effort of others. Well, I just thought I’d pass along some well-deserved praise — I truly enjoy the content you provide on your channels. All of you are well-informed in the automotive milieu, and present excellently. I genuinely look forward to watching each newly-released video, and think the live streams are fun, interesting, and a great way to connect with your audience/fans. Thanks a ton!!

    45. Hi guys, I’m a big fan of your videos, particularly the ike gauntlet vids. I would love to see an ike gauntlet done with a hemi grand cherokee so as to compare it to the diesel. If you guys could do the video pulling the exact same boat you did with the diesel, it would make for a great comparison. Thanks for your consideration and all your hard work.

    46. I have owned several Jeep Cherokee XJ’s and was planning on possibly getting a new JL when they become available. However, with the new Ram, ZR2, Toyota Pro, and others, would you still say that a Jeep Rubicon is the 4×4 king, especially now that pickup trucks are coming with so many offroad goodies?

    47. I used to like your reviews. They were more raw and real. They dealt with issues that real buyers and consumers contend with during purchasing experiences. Now… Your website sucks, is not mobile device or user friendly as it constantly reloads and updates so that you can’t actually stop on it long enough to review info. Your reviews today attempt to be large box magazine competitive without the finesse and appears unnecessarily choppy at best. AND EVEN WORSE, YOU IDIOTS ask for support and donations from people and offer a t-shirt that says “Sea level is for wussies!” You F*nuts just alienated 80% of your viewers with an insult. Retards.

    48. Nathan, I am looking at a possible second vehicle, We have a nice 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk and wanted your opinion on haw it compares to the new Compass Trailhawk

      Thank you


    49. Hi Nathan/Mark,
      I am in the process of rebuilding or modifying my Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012 CRD WK2 and I am looking for fender flares. I watched you video of the rebuild of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco diesel crd (green) and I would like to buy a set of the fender flares you used on your concept Jeep, where would I be to buy a set, can you help please,
      Thanks guys,

    50. Just watched your Jeep 3 UN- segment. I have to laugh at groups like consumers report. They state that heavy duty pickups are not reliable. What? It seems that almost every HD I see is loaded with tool boxes, pulling heavy trailers, plowing snow, etc. Any of CR’s “reliable” Suggested” vehicles would be toast in a day or less even doing a fraction of what an HD does. Look at used truck ads for HD’s, odometers often exceed 300,000 miles. CR and the like should be reporting these in a totally different segment with real world facts and analysis criteria. Same for the Jeep Wrangler market segment. If CR and like organizations are too lazy to handle these segments correctly, then do the honorable thing, and don’t cover these vehicles at all. These segments seem to be to copious for their diminutive comprehension. Thank for pointing this out. This has bugged me for along time. Love your shows.

    51. Ok so, First off.. you guys and Gal are pretty awesome! Real world stuff…you got the funny and the info however, I do not see the SRT Jeep tackling the “Gold Mine Hill” and off-road video! I would love to see that, cus that would be awesome! I’m trying to decide if I’m going to buy the SRT or 5.7 Hemi. I want the on-road performance but I also would like to take the kids out for a nice exploration weekend.

      Thanks TFL peeps!

    52. Hi guys,love what you do and keep up the great work!! I was just wondering where is gold mine hill and which part of the Switzerland trail do you take the crossovers?

    53. Team, I just watched the video review comparing AWD systems of RAV-4 and X3 performance on Gold Mine Hill. GREAT idea for a comparison, and glad you limited it to drive systems only. Congrats to production team & Nathan – way to go!

    54. I have watched Tacoma performance on gold mine hill, but have not seen Nissan frontier pro 4x, will be glad to see it performance.

    55. Hey guys, I have a 2005 Chevy blazer stock truck with g80. If you wanted to do an old vs new I would love to drive down from Ottawa Canada to put my truck against your raptor in a budget off road video.

    56. hi, i drive 2015 jeep cherokee in new york city as car service,
      9-12 hours a day almost non stop,
      90-170 miles every day through very bad manhattan road surface and high way combiend ,
      if you want to make any review about its durabilty,and what type of stress it can handle, plz let me know and come some one to new york city,,ill do everything from my end,,,

      1. Thank you Mannaf! This is a great idea, but we do not come to NYC often. We will try to contact you next time we are there.

    57. Since The VW Touareg is being discontinued next year I would be very interested in seeing one attempt the Goldmine Hill. I understand that they are quite capable vehicles off road, especially the earlier models with the v10 diesel.

    58. EPA recently certified 2017+ RAM/JEEP Ecodiesel engines for sale in the US – do you have any idea when production on those vehicles will resume and when dealers would have inventory? I am interested in a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk with EcoDiesel i’ve been unable to find one anywhere it would be helpful to at least have a general timeframe

    59. Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland V8 vs Lexus GX460 V8 SUVs for driving & towing lighter weight vintage Airstream..?

    60. i really had to complement Roman Mica for his 2010 raptor ten things you dont wanna do in a raptor vid it had it all i own that basically same truck for the last 8 years and i couldn’t agree more. Thanks Roman Mica for making my day 8 years ago.

    61. too much window dressing new vehicles
      lets get realistically practical

      a basic vehicle let the paying customer pick his prefered options

    62. I just purchased a new 2017 Jeep (JKU) Rubicon Recon and really love it! Eventually I will upgrade suspension. Will Multimatic shocks as on the ZR2, work for a Rubicon?

    63. Have you all ever done a review of a Chevy/GMC full size cargo van? Looking for a vehicle for work and towing. Occasionally pull a travel trailer that weighs 4700 to 4900 lbs and haul cargo and hunting dogs. DO not like a truck for hauling the dog in the bed. My 2003 Tahoe 4WD does not cut it for towing the trailer very well. Was thinking of getting a 2018 Chevy/GMC full size van (3500 short wheel base)with 6.0L engine and towing package. Would get it with the crew package so would have seating for 5. Do you have any opinions of suggestions on this type of vehicle for towing?

    64. Hi! Long time listener, first time caller!!
      Can you do me a favor? The next time you have a high up mucky mucky’s ear from Honda, can you please ask them to add height adjustment option for the passenger seat in the new Honda Accord. It’s a let down that even the ‘Touring’ model only has 4 way adjustable passenger seat.
      Keep up the good work and thanks in advance!

    65. Hi – would it be possible to do a segment on how forward collision warning and pedestrian braking work (or are supposed to work)- I have just bought a 2018 Buick Enclave and I do not have a clue on how this is supposed to work – the manual is clear as mud – the dealer cannot really tell me how it is supposed to work- According to my understanding it is supposed to warn you if you are following too close (I was with a car length of the other fellow doing about 30 MPH and the icon on the centre stack stayed green (it is supposed to turn amber??) – No idea how close you have to come before the brake alarm sounds for both pedestrian and cars in from. I am sure there are a lot of question about his from other owners- I really do not think the system in this vehicle is working properly and if it is is is useless.

      Appreciate your help

    66. Living in Colorado, the Audi allroad seems to have its place. The new A5 Sportback is super cool. I just wish there was not so much road noise in the A5.
      Would you consider adding sound decibel tests in the cars when you are driving them. Some of us like a quiet ride and if you were to include that in your review, we could get an idea of how quiet the vehicle is on the road.

      keep up the great work!

    67. I was watching 2017 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Vs. Compass Trailhawk and i’m confused how both of them did stage 3 pretty easily and the 4Runner had to use rear diff lock to go up stage 3?
      Meaning Toyota 4WD system is not in par with Jeep? 🙂
      Do you think you can take a challenge for the 4Runner highway friendly Limited take up stage 3 or even the cheapest SR5? If needed you can only use 4Lo. At the most use A-Trac. Love to see that video if possible.

    68. Hi Nathan, how are you? Enjoying things at the LA car show? You probably already know this, but I saw you make a “guest appearance” on the Autoline Detroit “Live From The LA Car Show” yesterday!!! ( yes, I watch that show; does that make me a TFL Traitor???) anyway, The hosts, John McElroy and Gary Vasilash were interviewing a couple of Jeep executives about the new Wrangler(which was on a turntable in the background behind them) when I saw this guy walking past the Jeep, and I knew it was you!! You looked a little sleepy, like you were still on Rocky Mountain Time!!! Still, it was nice to see you there, and I hope to see you, Roman and Andre in some of YOUR LA CAR SHOW VIDEOS SOON!!!

    69. Big fan of your website. I have been following the Subaru Ascent concept for a while and I have to say that i was very anxious to see what you guys thought about it. I see that you guys have covered many manufacturers at the LA Auto show but no mention of the Ascent. Bit dissapointed here…. I know you guys mentioned at one point that Subaru stopped giving you cars at one point so I hope you are not boycotting them. Happen to be a Subaru fan as well they have served me well.

    70. With the zr2’s 8.9′ ground clearance well equipped with offload technology it seamed to have little trouble getting up Cliffhanger 2.0. With all the other vehicles that have made it up, why not try the Grand Cherokee Trailhwak with its 10.8′ of ground clearance and its well known capability. Im sure im not the only one wanting such video to surface. Love the work and reviews you guys offer thanks for the best consumer advice supported with hours of entertainment

    71. Hi I have recently bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee here in the UK. It is the Overland model and has the 3.0l diesel engine. When watching your you tube channel I hear you guys talk of the Grand Cherokee sold in the US with same engine as an “eco” diesel with 240bhp. Mine is badged simply diesel and has 250bhp although the torque are the same. Why the difference. Also as our gallons are bigger than yours (4.546L per gallon as opposed to 4L in the US) I can get upwards of 38 mpg on the highway.

      Bob Woodward

    72. it will be great if you can review/Drag/offroad entry level 3 row seaters of 2018. Highlander, Pilot, Explorer, Pathfinder, CX-9 etc. I saw the old review between old highlander/Pilot and I guess it will be great if you can do one more since there were lots of updates happened for these cars.

    73. I noticed TFLcar does not have a lot of reviews with Tesla. Did you know you can rent new cars with a great selection from companies like Turo. I think many would be interested to see the Model X Tesla run the gauntlet under maximum towing. Be a great video. You can get a lot more interesting cars and trucks this way as well such as base models or manual transmissions in trucks that manufacturers will not ship to you guys.

    74. Guys your work is awesome! I love that you’re in Colorado because the tests give a real world perspective at altitude. I’m in colorado as well. Question for you: I’m 6’7″ and have had four wranglers. One TJ and three JK Unlimiteds. When they went to the new interior in 2012 the legroom seemed to shrink a bit. Can you comment or compare the legroom from the JK to the JL? The new JL seems pretty awesome!



    75. Hey guys, You people are doing a Good job at TFL, Keep up!

      I am in the market to find a manual transmission sedan with a good drive feel and decent price tag. I have seen 2018 Accord and 2017 Mazda6 has manual, could you guys suggest which one would be a better pick or let me know if you see a better choice? I currently drive a 2016 Sonata SE and it is decent but not sporty, so want to replace it with a better option. Please throw your suggestions guys. My budget is right around 22K on road.

    76. We are undecided between a 2018 Subaru Impreza 5 dr. and a 2018 VW Golf Sportwagen.We live in Fl. so all wheel drive isn’t as important as in Colorado.We’re retired and drive only about 10000 miles a yr. Which would you recommend?

    77. I would love to see some alternative vehicles being challenged on Goldmine hill or Cliffhanger 2.0.
      How about one of the many Vanagon Syncros, Pinzgauers, Unimogs, or even VW Touaregs, that are roaming offroad in Colorado. I have a Stock 1987 Syncro that I would love to share on one of your episodes.

    78. Hi I have seen your video from the shelby cobra a while ago, I am from argentina and I`d love to know about the prices on models available of the shelby !

    79. I am interested in buying a diesel pick up to tow my toys. If someone can contact me at 720-275-7342 because a have a lot of questions.

      Thank you

    80. I know that you guys got into it with the folks over at Subaru but honestly at this point (multiple years) you HAVE to do ANYthing & everything in your power to get back in their good graces and be able to review them again…it would fill a huge void, esp in your Colorado marketplace as you know. And the effort to do so would pay off big time in views=$

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