Fun Rides of 2010


The Land Rover LR4


The 2010 Land Rover LR4 may be the perfect compromise between on-road comfort and off-road prowess.

With 375 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque, instead of the old LR3’s, 300 and 315, the new Rover bristles with go anywhere power. Of course the down side to all of the  new found ponies is an unchanged yet still not wallet friendly 12/17 mpg.

But you’d be hard pressed to find a better and more fun car you can take to work during the week and into the deep woods over the weekend.

Check out the video review HERE.

Lamborghini Gallardo


You might just have to agree that there are very few moods that spending money frivolously won’t improve.

In the same way there are very few moods that driving a 500 plus horsepower all-wheel-drive convertible Lamborghini Gallardo in Italy won’t make much much better.

Check out the video drive HERE.

Ford F-150 Raptor


The 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is an F-150 pickup adapted and factory-built to actually perform what standard pickups are shown doing in TV commercials, the leaping, the rock flinging, the barreling through water like the Titanic in search of an iceberg, the stuff that if done by actual owners would have the truck suffering a fate equivalent to that of the big ship, and not covered by the warranty either.

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Cadillac CTS-V


“Oh-my-god, OH-My-god – OH-MY-GOD!!!”

Once we got used to the massive thrust, the aforementioned statement came out of more than a few passengers. Speed and pressure pull you into the Recaro seats progressively. You know when a ship hits light-speed in “Star Wars?”

Yup, it’s a lot like that.

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2011 Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid


Volkswagen has just completely redesigned their premium SUV the 2011 Touareg.

The next generation of the VW goes on sale in the U.S. in the fall and unlike the current version it will feature Volkswagen’s first ever Hybrid powertrain.

We had the chance to test the new chance to test drive the new 2011 Touareg on the cobblestone streets of Florence, Italy and in the surrounding Tuscany hills.

Check out the video review HERE.

Jaguar XF


Jaguar bet the farm on the newest XF.

After a 10-years-of building cars like the S and X types that were the equivalent of a bad copy of a copy of a copy, the well regarded car manufacturer had to do something special to put the growl back in the cat.

Check out the video review HERE.

Tesla Roadster


If you ever want the sensation of flying a jet fighter without leaving the earth, the Tesla Roadster may be the car for you… if you have well over 100K. Like any sports car, the Tesla has its limitations, notably a tight cockpit, harsh ride and an amazingly thick pillar that require a driver over 6-feet to remove their lower torso and re-attach after egress/ingress.

Okay, so it’s expensive and has a somewhat limited range too.

We took a round-trip from Boulder, Colorado to Estes Park and back. We did what few have the guts or stupidity to do: we took a $158,000 sports car (wearing performance tires) through the mountains, snow, ice and elk during a proper performance shake-down.

We had a blast!

Check out that road trip video HERE.

Chrysler 300c SRT8


In California the Chrysler 300C SRT8 is considered the poor man’s Bentley because like the Bentley it has the size, speed, and serious power to very quickly transport four adults from point A to point B in comfort and style.

In Europe the 300C has earned the reputation as the quintessence large American sedan with broad shoulders and the larger than life swagger and attitude of the early classic American big boy sedans.

In America this car is underrated and sure future classic muscle car.

Check out that road trip video HERE.

Volkswagen GTI


A very few chromosomes make the difference between two very different species of animals. Likewise, there are very few parts that change an ordinary 2010 Volkswagen Golf into a 2010 Volkswagen GTI, enough so that although the Golf and the GTI share body, suspension layout and other major elements–and from a far enough distance the two look the same–Volkswagen doesn’t refer to the GTI a high performance version of the Golf. It’s just “GTI”.

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Dodge Power Wagon


There are just some places that a full sized pick up should never go.

Here’s one that comes to mind almost immediately…Wipe Out Hill in Moab, Utah.

As part of the 44th annual Jeep Moab Safari we had the chance to rock crawl a brand new Ram Power Wagon up Wipe Out Hill and experience first hand what it must be like to take off in the space shuttle as we pointed the pick-up skyward to climb up the hill.

Check out the Ram Power Wagon in Moab, Utah as it climbs up a hill like a mountain goat on steroids HERE.

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