• Burning Snow: the Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti – Making Gelato out of Snow and Ice [Op/Ed]

    TFLcar was recently invited by Rocky Mountain Redline to attend their inaugural winter driving event in Winter Park, Colorado.  They brought several all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles, including the Acura TLX A-Spec and the Mercedes-Benz AMG C43. Then came time to drive this: the Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti. I have a weakness for anything

    Mercedes-Benz Outsold Jaguar 24-to-1 Last Month: Here are January 2018’s Best-Selling Midsize Luxury Sedans

    January 2018's Best-Selling Midsize Luxury Sedans: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    This January, Jaguar Sold Just 183 XF models. Mercedes-Benz sold 24 times as many examples of the E-Class. While luxury crossovers are a hot market, some luxury midsize sedans also saw their sales pick up in January 2018. The Mercedes E-Class remained a strong seller, edging out a slightly increased sales

    Forbidden European Fruit: New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Unveiled in Amsterdam [News]

    2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

    Mercedes-Benz revealed what may be one of its most technology-laden cars to date. The drawback? They're not selling it in the U.S. Meet the latest iterations of Mercedes' European hatchback, the 2019 A-Class. Mercedes-Benz officially unveiled the A-Class in Amsterdam today, carrying more sophisticated tech than ever before. It's definitely a

    GLC You Later: Mercedes-Benz Clinches January’s Best-Selling Compact Luxury Crossover Title

    January's Best-selling Compact Luxury Crossovers

    4,743 people made a New Year's resolution to buy a Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. What were this month's best-selling compact luxury crossovers? What was the best-selling compact luxury crossover in January 2018? That would be the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. While more people went for the three-pointed star than any other model in this segment,