• Ex-Ford engineers builds electric Mustang–so why can’t Ford?

    Kurt Neutgens is hoping to sell you an electric Mustang for just over $75,000. A few years ago he quit his mechanical engineering job at the Ford Motor Company and founded Plug-In Motors. Working out of his garage on a shoestring budget, like the very first automotive pioneers, it did not take him very

    A Toyota kelp car you can drive and eat

    OK, I have to be honest here and admit that you probably, make that certainly, won't be able to eat Toyota's new 1/X concept plug-in hybrid car that it hopes to build from seaweed.The kelp car is not as crazy as it sounds, Toyota hopes to have it in showrooms

    Trucks that run on cow pies and that’s no bull….

    Meet Rob Hilarides. He's a California dairy farmer who just spent a $600,000 grant to convert two of his dairy's semi trucks to run on bio-gas. Bio-gas is a fancy term that really means the stuff that's produce when you convert cow manure into purified and pressurized methane. His trucks

    The world’s most inappropriate cars

    It is a painful fact but the world wide economy is circling the toilet.In the United States the car companies are calling uncle, and begging uncle Sam for more billions every press conference.But for some drivers around the world these issues are just minor speed bumps along the road to

    What if GM had not killed the electic car?

    As both General Motors Corp and Chrysler are about to submit their detailed restructuring plans in hopes of securing additional bailout billions, it is natural to wonder what would have happened if GM had not killed the EV1?"I think that they would be sitting pretty," says longtime automotive journalist James

    2010 Audi A4 allroad quattro sneak preview

    Audi is about to launch the all new A4 2010 allroad quattro at the Geneva auto show next month, but here's a sneak preview of the ready to go wagon.The new allroad quattro is based on Audi's new A4 wagon and features more rugged looks, a higher ground

    The most beautiful car ever designed

    With so many new car designs being unveiled at the 2009 Chicago auto show, what would you consider the most beautiful car of all time?Perhaps a Jaguar E-type?Or how about a Cord 810?Surely it must be the Ferrari 250GT. 1954