• The most expensive craiglist car ever?

    It's called a Gumpert Apollo.It's way orange and it goes from 0-60 in 3 seconds flat.It has a 650 horsepower twin turbo Audi V8 and a top speed of 225 mph.It has 50 miles on the odometer and exactly zero cup holders.It is for sale in Oakland, California on Craiglist

    Audi has most successful year in its history

    The automotive news is not all bad.According to Audi, "2008 was the most successful fiscal year in the history of our company."Audi boss Rupert Stadler also went on to report the, "Highest ever profit in the company’s history, amid a difficult market environment.” 1927

    The Billion dollar test drive

    There is no doubt this will be the most expensive automotive test drive ever.Members of the Obama administration's autos task force are scheduled to take GM's new Volt rechargeable electric car for a spin Monday as they visit GM in Detroit to help determine the viability of the struggling automaker. General Motors and

    GM unveils volt for Europe and Australia

    General Motors has called it a "game changer" car. The 2011 Chevy Volt is GM's great hope to stay viable as an international manufacturer of cars. Now GM has unveiled photos of the Volt for its European brand Opel and its Austrian brand Holden. The Opel Ampera, will make its

    Screaming deals on local new cars (Denver)

    The February automobile sales numbers are horrendous.General Motors sales were down just over 51 percent.Ford sales sank by just over 46 percent, and Chrysler sales tanked by almost 42 percent.But the biggest sales decline by far was Hummer, which saw a massive 67 percent drop in sales followed by Saab

    Ex-Ford engineers builds electric Mustang–so why can’t Ford?

    Kurt Neutgens is hoping to sell you an electric Mustang for just over $75,000. A few years ago he quit his mechanical engineering job at the Ford Motor Company and founded Plug-In Motors. Working out of his garage on a shoestring budget, like the very first automotive pioneers, it did not take him very

    A Toyota kelp car you can drive and eat

    OK, I have to be honest here and admit that you probably, make that certainly, won't be able to eat Toyota's new 1/X concept plug-in hybrid car that it hopes to build from seaweed.The kelp car is not as crazy as it sounds, Toyota hopes to have it in showrooms