• Team TFL on the Road
    Team TFL on the Road

    TFL is a small team of passionate automotive journalists that works hard to produce fun, accurate, and informative automotive news, views and reviews from an everyman perspective.  We create daily car and truck video reviews that appeal to consumers looking to buy new cars and trucks. We also like to have fun by mashing up cars that don’t compete. And we produce the most extreme high altitude towing test by running fully loaded trucks up the I-70 Ike Gauntlet.

    The video production process is time consuming and costly.  TFL is also the first automotive channel on youtube to produce videos in Ultra HD “4K” resolution.  TFL is looking for your support to enable the team to produce more engaging and fun video content.  Your help will go towards equipment, additional staff members, and logistics support.

    Become a TFL patron with a monthly pledge and get insider information and other rewards, or make a one-time donation via “Donate” below.  Thanks for your support!

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    1. Dear TFL Team,
      Which Model of the Toyota 4runner series is the best, interms of off-road and daily use abilities.

      Thank You

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