• Trends of 2016 that will Influence Ford’s Future [Video]

    Looking Further with Ford 2016 Trends

    Bringing a vehicle from the drawing board to production is a lengthy and involved process that takes three years and an incredible capital investment. Of course, technology and consumer demands change much quicker, making it difficult to anticipate what consumers will want in their next vehicle purchase. Predicting what the

    Ford Offers Glimpses Into the Future with 2016 Trends

    Ford has released a number of insights into the future trends for 2016 and beyond. These are social trends and statistics from around the globe that will affect the automotive and other industries. Did you know that data suggests that by the year 2050 there will be more than 400 million

    Top 5 Best and Worst Automotive Kickstarters


    Crowd funding is all the rage these days. With good reason, too. Levar Burton, Star Trek's Geordie LaForge and host of the classic show Reading Rainbow, recently had an epic round of Kickstarter funding to resurrect the Reading Rainbow franchise. There are some great automotive Kickstarters out there, but there are

    Confessions Of A Service Advisor – Part Three

    In Confessions of a Service Advisor – Part Three, the importance of the most common (and often misunderstood) age and mileage-based vehicle repairs and up-sell services will be discussed. Remember, these are solely opinions based upon my own experiences working at mostly high-end European import dealerships.  In other words, if you