• The cool old Cars of Ward, Colorado

    Where do cars go to die? If you're not a car guy or car gal you may think the answer is Ward, Colorado. But you'd be wrong because while these cars parked along the side of the road in Ward, Colorado look like they may be one step away from the junk

    Cool Knockoff Colorado Classic Movie and TV Cars Revealed

    No all movie cars are what they seem. Take for instance the famous General Lee from the the well know TV series and movie...The Dukes of Hazzard. There were are hundreds, if not thousands, of General Lee Dodge Chargers in the world. This love for movie and TV cars is universal. It's a

    Play the TFLcar video trivia quiz and win cool car Schwag

    Are you a car guy or a car gal? Do you know your movie cars inside and out? If so, then this is your chance to win a Nissan Hat! Just watch the video for this week’s trivia question and leave your answer as a comment below. Please be as specific as possible. Quiz Rules: New