• George Clooney and Elon Musk Tussle Over Tesla

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    George Clooney talked a little smack about the Tesla Roadster he once owned and, in a not at all shocking turn of events, Elon Musk was ready with a clever response. The whole thing came about after some comments Clooney made during an interview with Esquire magazine. It wasn't even an

    Tesla To Pay Off $465 Million In Federal Loans

    Tesla is looking to pay back $465 million in Department of Energy loans through an upcoming stock offering which could generate as much as $1 billion for the company. CEO Elon Musk, who often takes to twitter to defend the company and hint at upcoming announcements, tweeted the news on

    Tesla teases with this tasty hatchback concept

    Keep in mind that what you're looking at is nothing more than a sketch. A hell of a nice sketch from  the Art Center College Of Design in California student, Hyonwoo Jason Kim. Tesla is working towards an affordable, entry level all-electric car and this concept looks like a mighty good